Daily ads issues

I don’t think the reason they give out coins is to help free players compete. They could easily give out some OP league store toons or release legacy ascendables to balance the competion between f2p and p2w

I think the reason they give out coins when it may seem free is similar to a store giving out a free sample. They want people to have a taste and then buy the product.

Also I believe they give out free coins with the intention of getting players to spend more time on the game (leagues, old daily mission coins) thus furthing the bond between the player and their product.
The more time you have invested into something the harder it is to leave it all behind

I’m not going to try to guess their motives, I don’t believe it was only F2P who watched ads neither. I also don’t want OP league store toons as a replacement, ads coins could go to cans, transfer keys, scav/war camp coining.

My ideas still provide the ‘sample’ of coins. If you want to go on and spend more, you can. On the flip side, if you were willing to spend, I don’t think you’d stop because some roadmap is giving out 150 a day. That didn’t happen with ads.

I agree with your last point personally that that is a benefit from giving out coins, although I’d counter that maybe that isn’t true from Scopely’s perspective, if one of two methods was to play another game via offer for coins lol

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Yeah sorry that was a poor choice of words by me. I shouldn’t have said tap joy stopped operating in Europe.

He is what I was referencing


It’s pretty vague what JB mentioned.

Just a made up example: it’s possible the policy change increased taxes on these sorts of ad companies making it not worth it in scopleys eyes to continue using them.


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Looks like we’re finally getting somewhere after all these months they made a public post

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i spent days doing offer in some other game reached the lv and task they asked for took screen shots sent them only to be told the same failed I contacted tap joy they don’t reply