Daily ads issues


Anyone else having issues were they can’t watch daily ads to get coins or is it just me ? Past couple of days I’ve had none atall just saying check back later and no matter how many times I check back still nothing


It happens sometimes. Especially if you use an IOS device


Do you know how long it tends to be like this for as I never normally have this issue ? Before this I could just watch my ads straight away and get coins sick of seeing ‘ no offers at this time try again later blah blah blah . Lol

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Same issue here used to match about 50 now only between 25 and 15


That sucks man but at least you’ve had some 3 days now I haven’t been able to watch any so max amount of coins I’ve missed out on is 450 :confused: could of done a 40 pull with them seems to been worse since the last update in my opinion


exactly the same issue here since yesterday. Android.


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely not expecting a response but worth a try tagging do you guys know anything about this or is there a solution to it

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Mine went dead about 12 hours ago before I maxed out my usual daily amount. Android.

Previously it’s both fixed itself the next day at the reset time, and in the worst case a week later

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Been trying constantly for 3 days in a row and not been able to watch one single ad guessing mine might be the week one —_—

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i face this priblem time to time but atm ads are working ok for me although i am ready for zeri ads anytime soon lol

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Watch them whilst you can then just incase :joy:


Mine are not working either :confused:

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atm i hve 7k coins collected through ads nd league tokens will do big pull when will hve enough


Don’t think we’re gunna get an answer from @JB.Scopely so @LadyGeek @Wanderer @Kodak_black do any of you have any good insight on the issue or a way to resolve it ?


Don’t look like it


I keep getting the same ad on a loop for the body boss work out. What you trying to say tapjoy?

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:joy: lmao well at least your getting an ad to watch tho I’m still getting nothing :confused:


Same here.


Same problem here. It starts again…

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this is all’s I have got for the past few days a stupid automated message ignoring what am actually saying