DAGGERS: Please let us Claim more than 22

Some of us missed out on a gold road map before Daggers were pulled when James/Christa were initially released. Gold road maps are still coming out, but once you claim 22 Daggers, that’s it. Now I have excess gold bars that are useless since I can’t redeem them.

Scopely, could you please remove the 22 limit for these Daggers, and let players be able to claim the necessary amount of Daggers? Or at least put them in the League Store or something.

Please @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger


Don’t forget the daily log in reward is gold bars as well XD

That’s true. We could have, oooh, idk, a collection of gear for the excess??? I mean survivors club pay for even more of them than the f2p saps.

Yes, thank you, more reason to remove the Dagger limit.

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Unfortunately Scopley would rather you get 7000 more useless Blue Keys

Please scopely

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Completely agree, the 22 limit is mean and unnecessary.

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