Dade region give us some feedback on your current activity please


Since region merging is the most discussed issue right now, you are the only region that had somewhat like merging. Why scops called that a bad decision?


I’d love to hear some personal feedback also as our region would also love a merge


They should make Dade the first region where anyone can move their account there. Would anyone be against that?


Found the thread, but with mostly positive feedback

@Tully any updates ?



Wasn’t a merge. Was a reopening. Older players loved it in the region, new players hated it because of the disadvantage.


Im playing in Dade from a fresh start, it’s active there and they still have the old players ruling things but lower levels are competing 4 to 10. I actually like it there. I think if scopely would be able to just create a new region and make it transfer only, have people sign up beforehand to be sure there was enough competition to start it would work.


I opened a 2nd account there just to help and to see how tough starting over is. While it is absolutely a huge climb, there is starting to be some very good competition there and the old number one faction doesn’t have as big of a stranglehold as before. Last war had over 35 teams as I recall which was way better than my main region, Jenkins.



I am sure most regions are top heavy as it is… Jenkins has 22 factions total that war, with only the top 8-12 putting it n more than 15 wars on a weekend…


Hey :slight_smile: origional DADE player here.

We were reopened early October 2017 from memory, and went from a region with less than 50 players to a region with a few thousand now. Maybe 500 daily active? 50+ Factions with scores in wars. Still only a half dozen or so super competitive factions though.

I think its gone really well to be honest. Sure there were some teething problems and personality clashes but all in all things have moved to a healthy amount of competition and a lot of the old strong players have moved into new factions and some have moved on from the game altogether so no longer are the top 10 players in one faction.

The newbies found it hard at first but I was adamant we would help as much as we could, and still am. Now most of the active newbies are stronger than me lol

No longer can the top faction easily take all the prizes, they have to fight for them. Its just like any other region now, the power creep seems to have disappeared.


The reason the top faction is not gaining strength is because for the past 9 months all we have received is 5* tokens. Theres no actual character rewards that encourage team growth, so at some point(about the past 3 months) everyone is equal


All our top people have quit or can’t decide and we just keep poping in and out scores are real low too


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