DADE : a region refreshed


So those who frequented the forums would have seen a few of us folk from DADE region pleading pretty consistantly for something to be done to our old, locked region which had less than 20 active players on it. We couldn’t war, there was no competition in the region and people were just going through the motions and losing interest by the day.

The team heard us and opened our region again.



We have:

  • over 20 factions fighting in wars (previously there were two, with mostly inactive members)
  • over 6000 scores on the current leaderboard (previously we would be lucky to get 50)
  • actual competition for territories (previously our faction held them ALL with one team in each, except the ones we didn’t have the manpower to occupy)
  • a selection of new faction members (at least half our top faction is made up of people who have only been in the region a month, other factions are more newbie than oldie)

All in all its been wonderful, a real breath of life into our region. The newbies who are comitted to staying are already building competitive teams of 5*s.

The only downside is that global chat is full of twelvies talking trash to each other which makes communication between factions harder but we manage. Small price to pay for the renewed interest and activity in our region.

And as icing on the cake our faction won CRW this weekend, the activity from our new faction members allowed this to happen.

So td:dr its worked great and I look forward to the team opening up the other old dead regions for you other guys stuck in limbo!

So for all those who don’t think the team is doing anything, well they did help us. And I want to thank them on behalf of all DADE oldies for that :two_hearts:

Dade region give us some feedback on your current activity please

I’m actually really happy to read this. I have had an eye on you guys for a while!!! Best of luck to 2018 for Dade!!
Your resilience and endurance after all those months were inspiring and gives hope to regions in your similar situation.



Thankyou! It was pretty dire in there while we were locked. Now we have to remember how to play the game and strategise! And its been a blast helping out new players and cross region jumpers who joined our faction.


Very happy to read that now Dade is back to a buzzy environment with plenty of actives. Is there any word of this happening to other closed regions?

We had a CRW with 5 other closed regions over the weekend and I know all of them would love to either be merged or all take new active members.


Thank you so much for the update Tully!

So far so good data-wise. Excited to (hopefully) open up the other starving regions!!


@TreeFiddy see the challenge is what we love. We all have pretty good teams after spending a year of winning everything so learning now how to put them together and improve is great fun. Previously its just been autokill all the things. Boring.

We have thrown away some tournaments to new factions to help them build up, and territories are a constant struggle. It gives us something to do in the game.


@kalishane Thats fantastic, I really hope you can give them a lifeline like you have for us. All those oldies from our region that I have talked to are really enthusiastic about how its going.


As someone who followed your plight this is great news


@Twisty thanks, we are a but shocked how well its working actually. But reality is - any change that brings in fresh faces, is an awesome one for dead regions.


For sure ! My region isn’t dead but it is dying , still open though but never any new faces, Good to see how much of an impact it’s had for Dade

Save dade was a success !


Sounds great, I’m happy for you Dade people. This shows Scopely that old regions still work and have dedicated people just like the new ones. Don’t let this happen again and listen to us when we ask for a merge.


Wilcox could do with some boost in people, the top factions have a monopoly, this was proven by region wars , we took 2nd and 3rd, the next 10th then 20th and below , not a lot of players left to play ,
5 in the top 30 showed how dead we are past this.


@JohnnyFoxtrotScopely many, many thanks to you then :blush: you have really made a difference in my playing enjoyment, and the enjoyment of the other oldies in our region too. And it was worth it- almost all of us have all spent $$ since reopening!

I know Elbert, Echols, Greene, Upson and Sumter were all dead regions as well. Hopefully individuals from each of the dead ones hit you up to get opened too :smile:


Who won in cross region war yesterday


@Princess_Jelita, In our CRW our faction (“The Walking Dead”) won, but we came last as a region by a significant amount (like 20 million less points than them) as the other factions in our region are mostly only month old accounts and newbies so still working out the war thing.


@Tully We did our best and ended 19th as a faction. Not bad indeed for only a two weeks old faction. The fact a few members of your faction joined us some weeks ago has helped us build. We re getting stronger every day.

I m an experienced player in bib, lvl 116 and about 70th in the global leaderboard (35kish rep). I find it refreshing how helpful TWD has been to the lower factions. I agree that global chat is swamped with kids, so no help there. We should establish a kind of more mature chat room in Line for the region, maybe that ll help?


A lot of people are probably people from other regions. Only so long those people will maintain active in those alternative accounts.

Obviously some do/will, but I honestly don’t see it working out in the long run.

If it does go well, great for Dade, many kudos.


Really please to here this for those old members that have suffered with an inactive region, it’s great for you.

I do wonder how long it will take for new players to catch up with the older players though & if there is a danger of them giving up after 3/4/5 months when they still can’t compete the older experienced players with a roster full of talent.


This is fantastic! So happy about the Dade region. This is one huge step for Scopely, in the right direction. Now it is on them to keep it up


Why would it take all summer? Wouldn’t it have been better to do immediately opposed to letting the region die damn near first? Mergers or account transfers would be helpful opposed to starting new with guys having a huge jump on you in rank and teams I’d think.