CW roadmap info

Has anyone mapped out what kind of enemies you will find on each stage?

something like

Sanctuary 1-1 stage 1: zombies
Sanctuary 1-1 stage 2: humans
etc, etc

Would help me make the most of my tickets so I don’t go barrel into an s17 map with the wrong team/items


For anyone watching this thread, I’ve been plowing through sanctuary roadmap. The first stage was zombie zombie human repeat

The next few seem to have been human human zombie

The final level of each stage is a few waves of zombies and then a 6* team last.

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I cant remember the exact team lineups for sure, But I do know for a fact that the later stages are a mix of human and walker. So you’re gonna need a team comp able to deal crits, damage and maybe heal. To be honest, all the stages were much easier than you’d think they’d be. I personally used this team for all the sanctuary stages and only had to use a kenny drop lead support for the final level of the whole deal.

yeah, they weren’t as bad as I was expecting either. if you have a strong crit and heal lineup you’ll be able to get through those zombies pretty easy. The humans you run into (aside from the final stage) just just a bunch of 2* with crap weapons. no big deal

I ran a double Pete team with faction supporters, they were able to keep enough bonus HP up that I didn’t really take much damage.

Gator also is the ultimate anti zombie toon. With him around these maps are no big deal

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