Cutting off tokens/gear for cumulative spending will cause retirements


As the title suggests, lets point out the facts:

  1. After months of timed museum gear/ascendable toon promo you released the previous museum with just gear that is final tier gear but no tier 3/4 such as power glove or knife sheaves.

This stranglehold is an obvious attempt to make players purchase the items as in terms of quantity they are the most used of all items to ascend a character to maximum levelling.

6 - gloves/sheaf/dummy/tripod - tier 3
6 - gloves/sheaf/dummy/tripod - tier 4
12 in total

by removing these and still making promos you “FORCE” players to spend or use the new league shop to purchase these

  1. League Shop
    at 2,400 points buying 6 of these is 14,400 points, generally the full weeks worth of playing
    if by chance you only need 5 or only have enough for 5 of those gears or anything else the timer to refresh for the next week does not start until all items are purchased. so in essence you are forcing players to either
    2a) Purchase all items for the gear to refresh in 1 week ready on the monday again to do the other 6 to tier 4 a character or …
    2b) spend 350 coins to quick refresh once you purchase the remaining gears/items meaning you wont have enough for the full set meaning you will have to do the same all over again the following week

  2. Premium bags for an offer
    Purchasing the 3 bags to unlock an offer … spend 650 x 3 coins (1950) to receive a bonus offer which turned out to be unlock a special offer to spend a further £30 for a bag with 4 different weapons … 2 being duds as usual … and tokens …

the problem with this, i spent, got 0 tokens on all 3 bags (As usual) and no offer unlocked … i found this out by screenshots from other players … BUT also witnessing myself in other regions this offer is out without purchasing those bags … is this fair??? we had the debacle with the $1 for 350 year 3 tokens before

Why do you expect us as players to be forced to spend every week, every event, every day, its reprehensible it’s got to this point. you need to understand that YOU need US … you release an ascendable character either in museum or legacy 5* character every month or 2-3-4? so the players who dont spend will compete and possibly spend to help boost their roster … now im not demonising this business strategy, you do need to have some kind of persuasion/push to keep the free players invested in the game BUT this is and always was a push to get players to use more time/money to get a free character ascended

  1. Releasing a cross region war with tokens only to remove buying-obtaining the very tokens needed to finish a token pull off

To wake up to this controversy over a few thats already happened this weekend was the icing on the cake, to see players who have been in this game for the 3 years and in my original faction just up and leave due to poor rewards and this as the final nail in the coffin is just a kick in the teeth to all the community.

Thus when you take away the tokens you have actually made the cross region war we just participated in a gear reward … oh and depot points …

By doing this you will anger a large group of people, free to play, spenders, whales all in one large grouping. I’m not encouraging anything but myself i feel like how many more times can you kick someone whilst down who is investing money into your game to play and progress but ending up with nothing but gear all the time … and not the gear needed.

Enough is enough, stop the stranglehold on the game and make it fair for all players alike



any lower my face will be scraping the gravel


That’s exactly what they want so when you are at rock bottom, desperate and completely frustrated you just might…



Soylent green…


Nah… it’s what it always has been. I’m surprised more players aren’t bored with this garbage.


thats my point … do it enough times and watch your free to play players walk, your casual spenders walk … you whales … spend then walk


just quit, you ain’t a whale, scopely doesnt care


prestige 12.9 lol


not 13 so not good enough!


Just say bye bye to this game


yeah they need confirmation so i can get michonnes sword … pfft


Another point id like to push out there

Premium toon collections:

i for one wanted to get a revive toon so i purchased a few bags for the Carl premium collection … i was i think 50 sleeping bags or whatever short and as it was the 2nd run of carl i hoped for a 3rd time as i collected beta the same way. What we got was the blue Negan which is decent but i wanted that Carl.

The collection finished a while back and has not returned … yet theres no mention of it returning OR any compensation or items to be changed over for the resources spent on the promo

preferably i would like another chance at the Blue Revive Carl if not him then i would take the negan, but this ended and nothing has been in its place since


My faction lost two players this week. One less than an hour ago. Both are moderate spenders and have been playing longer than I (login streak 820+).

The greed of $copely is killing the game.


Yes but how about Ulysses and Lilths that all of us been struggling to get our 6*s maxed out

I hope they give us 50 lilths and Ulysses for Christmas will be a Christmas Miracle


Scopely doesnt realise that the 2-3 dropping off every few days will eventually add up in the long run leaving ONLY the hyper whales in the game … and then they will spend less to get what they want


$copely are just focused on the revenue charts, or lack of hence this crap of taking away gear and making us pay.


Wayland says it best :rofl::joy:


Paying players-first


Yeah. They simply don’t care. And don’t expect an answer to any of these issues either even if you tag the appropriate people. This forum is just an endless loop of us complaining to each other. We all care. They do not. This forums only use to let you air out your frustrations so you feel a little better but then you keep spending…