Cut region transfer key cost

I think it would be good for players to be able to travel to other regions without a cost. Too many regions are pretty much graveyards and it would encourage active players to keep playing even if the region is dying.


Yeah I got minis I’d like to move for fun but all my coins go on other expenses so quickly… so it won’t happen

And with them taking away getting a few hundred coins from leagues each week It should only cost like 500

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I’d rather they just open all the regions instead of trying to hoarde everyone into wave1 , war leaderboards are looking more and more empty every war , guessing people sick of spending war weekends being whale fodder


Makes roaming whales though. Which then creates fleeing F2P refugees. And because there’s no cost the cycle continues meaning Road to Survival hosts the 59th edition of Wacky Races.

Not that that is any less preferable to a dinner party with the cookie monsters top factions are, just observing and all that

I think they should take all low activity regions especially wave two and three and squeeze them into wave one a and 1B regions.

That would be horrible, Sinned. Lol

There would be some full meltdowns LOL

They wouldn’t be unjustified

Well its still better to be able to flee then be trapped like your in north Korea :joy:


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