Customer support why?


Is there any point you even having a customer support 3 days still no response @JB.Scopely


It’s that bad I may aswell just send myself the email


There really should be a few more people that handle the CM jobs. @JB.Scopely should have little underlings who help deal with issues on the forum. Case in point it was 6 days between comments from JB on here. Granted there was a weekend but he was away from here for 6 days. For a 24/7 game seems kind of odd that they shut off the lights Friday afternoon and don’t respond until late Monday when they begin to look at the mess. Really should be a few shifts of workers to address problems and it shouldn’t all be on @JB.Scopely to do.


I agree mate , the replies are to slow and waiting like 3 days for reply to reply straight back to wait another 2 days it’s just a myth . Need more customer support staff around the clock . And the only way to get something sorted seems to be @JB.Scopely


Multi million dollar and I can’t even get a response let alone my account back they was bringing my account back within a few minutes that was 22hours ago :pensive:


Dear sir,

Sorry to hear you are having troubles with the game. What your experiencing is at own problem and our team is working on it. While we can not provide you with a time line it will be resolved (in 6 to 99 months).

Thank you for your understanding.

Happy? I answered your support question exactly as support would do so. Keep thos tickets flooding it!


Think I about ready to give up and just never turn the game on again lol


I beg to differ good sir.

I dealt with google support when their bug hit me and purchases got screwed up and could make no further purchases for a day or so.

Let me tell you its by far the best customer support ive ever dealt with.

Without going through the whole spiel they(support person Angel) was awesome did everything i was looking for got everything back on track and even called me a day later to let me know i was all set and could purchase again.

All cleared up in less time then it takes for you guys to get a response nm anything else.


Think you was dealing with a different company lol


I suppose a companies support is only as good as that one person you get on the line.

So for my experience they are great. Maybe they need more Angel’s working there no pun an all :slight_smile:


I’m talking about scopely though not google ? I been waiting 24 hours for a response was 2 days before that I wish I had someone like this “angel” you talk about lol



Apologies for the slower response time you’ve been recently experiencing with our game support.

We have slightly higher waiting times right now as the support team manually handles shifting around the anniversary rewards to appropriate regions, sending missing items, or the entirety of the event rewards for some players.

We’ll be auditing and addressing those quirks if we are to rely on the same leaderboard technology in use for any future event.

Also, we still get many region transfer queries, that require additional steps to solve for our players that get caught into a region transfer ‘dead loop’, that is mostly triggered by players overriding an existing progression, when switching over to any given region that may already hold an existing account.

Please do be careful when you transfer to a new region, making sure it is free of any existing progression :slight_smile:

We’re actively working towards solving those issues, to reach back our 24 hours response time.
We’ve also been reinforcing our squad, with new support agents that are getting trained and ramping up to assist you all with any game enquiry and technical difficulty.

Many thanks for your understanding.


All I want is my old account back , I am one of those donuts that overwrite his main account I have sent so many purchases receipt . I just need it back then I can go back to being a happy gamer . Provided all details in emails to customer support and even messaged a few people direct still struggling for a response :pensive:

I sent it in message to you Can you help me please @JB.Scopely


It just seems only way is to get anything done is to get hold of you direct @JB.Scopely, you seem to be only one who seems to care and save the day!:pensive:


Slightly longer more detailed version of the response that was sent out last week lol.

What your choosing to do with your support staff is really not the customers problem in any way shape or form.

Your basically telling us to avoid any additional payroll (like you guys cant afford it) your siphoning support staff (one of the few departments that we need the monkeys in) to help elsewhere instead of having or hiring the staff required to do said things run said events or distrubute said awards…

Im willing to bet everyone here would be fine with NO MORE PROMOS or a post about the delay in promos as that staff is compensating for your companies lack of hiring whats needed and will be dealing with handing out rewards ect ect…

I know silly right?? Why would you guys do whats best for the community ummm yea like…Oh right…EVER!!!

So many different areas im sure could run with a skeleton crew or none at all and instead you take it from one of the only places we need it…

P.S There is something called temp agency’s when you have an influx of work but it wont be permanent or even when it is borderline permanent to avoid having to hire people for fulltime positions you use temps. Dont need them any longer buh bye no muss no fuss.


It’s just mythical if you ask me. I only want my account back which I’m guessing is case of click of few buttons and then I’m happy . I went through customer service after waiting for 2 days to finnally get a reply to say my account be back in few mins . It’s now been 26 hours still no account . @JB.Scopely


You have to send out a flare then reflect radio signal off the sun to summon scopely support


Lol that’s comical


I was told this yesterday 28hours later still the same :pensive: @JB.Scopely


I believe all of their support people are outsourced and not even Scopely employees. You’d think someone from Scopely’s side would be screaming about SLAs by now - I waited 2.5 days for a response and they fixed nothing- only said that they’d pass it on to the team. Or maybe they negotiated that a 2.5 day SLA is acceptable cringe.