Customer Feedback - The Transfer conundrum

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So, unfortunately, due to the initial miss management of transfers and then the on going miss management of transfers during TOC, Scopely have a few issues to resolve to ensure customers satisfaction/experience, Customer retention and increase/maintain profits.

A) Solution for customers who were trapped and locked into a now wave 1a/b wave because of being in a TOC region prior.

B) Solution for customers who wish to go back to their old regions etc to be with friends etc (free choice) - Initally moved to TOC region for TOC bit didn’t understand at the time due to lack of customer flags that they may not be able to return.

C) Solution for customers who wish to slow down in the game and no longer want to be in a wave 1a/b region.

1A) I’m not sure of Scopely has any plans for consumers who were stuck in such regions/waves, but Scopely needs to ensure that they provide solutions for these customers to ensure that there is a choice for them as this was never an option for them when TOC came about and selected regions were made to host the event that had already, established factions of different activeness.

I don’t have a solution for this, but would advise Scopely in such cases where factions wish to no longer be trapped through no fault of their own, to give them an way or option to be able to move out of wave 1a/b ( maybe opening dialogue with such factions and based on that creating a special 1 time transfer key to factions after assessment, making sure they aren’t OP whale factions etc, to them so they can move out of the wave 1a/b bracket.

I feel this would really right a wrong, show the consumer that Scopely acknowledge the issue that they created but are willing to put it right for the customer.

It would increase customer satisfaction as now they have an option and are not trapped and increase/ maintain profits as customers instead of feeling no choice but to leave the product may chose to stay and continue to engage it instead.

2B) Much like 1A, however, due to these customers moving to compete in TOC and yes, it was mentioned that customers after move may not be able to go back to their region, BUT it was not exhaustively explained to customers with appropriate warnings and flags, these customers should also have the option given after assessment.

However, as they did initially chose to compete and as a compromise, these customers may need to give some compensation to move out of a Wave 1a/b of some kind in the form of coins maybe and have a long Cooldown before they can move again to ensure they are not just whales wanting to move to a region to take advantage of its activity and development levels to then go back to a wave 1a/b.

3C) Now this is quite tricky and can be tackled by further subdivision of waves or redesigning wave 1a/b so customers who wish to slow down can go to a sub division of 1a/b if they chose, but because their roster is more developed maybe than a wave 2 or 3 and again to make sure no Whales take advantage of a wave 2 or 3 development; to keep them within the whole wave 1 bracket but at the lower end. This could be achieved by Wave 1 customers being given or being able to obtain a special 1 wave transfer key and as in previous examples given longer Cooldown to when they can move again.

This action could ensure that whales that may just wanna take a bit of a break can do so in a region that has like minded other players who have a roster and have been privy to certain rewards, that if they were able to transfer to a wave 2 or 3 bracket may hinder those factions development. But respect that they want to slow down for a bit so want to continue to be in a Wave 1a/b region but not have to be so competivity.

Another option would be allowing these customers to enter wave 2 or 3 with a special transfer key but at a cost of coins and with a cool down long enough that hopefully would deter any customers who are just moving to take advantage of easier obtain rewards etc as these waves are at a different development level.

These are just ideas, and yes takes work, but especially with regards to the 1st issue, something must be done for these customers as they were put in an unfair situation and are now stuck there.

EXCUSIVITY OF WOC - So it’s been announced that WOC will only occur in wave 1a. I understand that this wave is seen as the most competitive, but other waves also deserve a Wave bound WOC as well surely? Each wave should be able to take part in their own Wave WOC allowing customers to join or form factions to specifically take part, the rewards can be tiered so if your in Wave 1a you get x rewards wave 1b y rewards etc.

I think this should be put to the customers and feedback analysed to see if this is something that customers want firstly in the other waves as maybe one of the reasons it has not been suggested is because with in waves, this may create whale facions and if this is the case then fair enough, but it would be good for customers to in other waves to have a special event of some kind while WOC is going on whether is be a S-Class collection items event that is grindible and achievable for both F2p and p2p customers and not dependant on being in a top faction, but individual attributes.

Just an initial idea, but maybe transfers within a wave e.g. wave 2b should not have a time limit and always be opened, so regions within 2b can transfer at any time, but only with in regions that are also in wave 2b? Then the periodical Outer wave transfers can still take place.

This would give customers the feeling that they do have abit of freedom of movement instead of being locked in for months to a set region until the periodical Wave transfers occurs and help factions with recruitment as it may be that some factions just need to a couple of new members to stay relevant but because of the limited time frames and notice given with periodical wave transfers it makes it harder to recruit.

These are just initial ideas and possible solutions from one customers point of view, but again I think engaging customers especially like I’ve suggested in my previous posts initially and continuously on mass, may actually throw up other solutions to this transfer problem.


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