Customer Feedback- Events No longer Grindable for Customers

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I’ve started noticing that the last 2 month long events (Sergio stash ans Typhoon Event) have been less and less achievable for customers, especially f2p customers and causal spenders to achieve through grinding.

I myself have become a f2p customers since the $36 for 12 toons offer being offered to some customers and not to others as being my last straw please see - $1 Offer For New Players (the initial multiple posts were merged together unfortunately) & now how they have swept under the carpet the VP comments without an apology or statement to the Community by the VP directly.

I digress, but I myself now have to grind for all events to get a toon or whatever product it is during that event and been successful at doing so.

However the last 2 events I’ve seen that I’ve come up short and from listening to feedback have seen alot of other customers have been coming up short.

With the poor Sergio anniversary event, I thought maybe I missed something, so efforts were doubled for the typhoon event. However now I’m short for this event also. Twice in a row?

And the issue was with the beads, not enough to get the yin (?) To then with the yang pull from the museum collection to then pull from the stash collection to once I’ve pulled 10 times to receive a star that I needed 10 of to finally open the Zhu roadmap ( phew!).

I did what I was supposed to do:
:ballot_box_with_check: Get all milestones with beads
:ballot_box_with_check: Held one of the beads territories for the entire time ( as it’s impossible to hold monthly event for everyone and expect everyone to HAVE to get beads from a territory event that is usually hogged by the top factions right?
:ballot_box_with_check: Completed all the mission milestones

So what gives? Oh… it’s not really free, a month long investment of grinding for items to be able to get a 6* toon is not achievable UNLESS you spend in some form.

This is unacceptable Scopely. This doesn’t give the customer a fair chance and sets us up to fail… unless we spend.

So what does this mean for the future?

Yes the previous two events were poor, poor toons, unachievable for most, not engaging or exciting enough (not like the previous events with Yellow lead michelle and one with red decap Sandy for example)

But worst of all, it leaves a lot of customers wondering, if this is how a featured events that goes on for a month and whose items takes up a space on milestones, but yet after grinding, doing everything I still can’t get it unless I spend, then what’s the point? And that leads to why should I continue?

A business should never have its customers thinking this, Scopely should produce events that are achievable for all, not complexed, equals the effort put in I.e. better toons, items, resources. If a customers misses out gives customers a 2nd chance to obtain event related items.

Offer items for purchase at a reasonable prices (4k coins for 1 star or a chance of a star? Really? Besides the actual monetary cost for items).

So customers are left with 7 to 9 stars, they can’t trade them for nothing they have no use after the event, they don’t even get transfer to supply depot points. How sad, a month of work and grind for these items for what?

Scopely have done better events than this in the past. Pls dont let your customers down yet again with the next one. Pls take this feedback into consideration and PLEASEEEEE make it right.



I agree. A long time ago I use to try for these types of monthly or anniversary events but given how hard the milestones and events have become I just do whatever.

It has decreased my overall game play. Only really play anymore for faction events.

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I agree. We should be able to trade them in for a collection item at the museum, like they have in other events.

The ones where you get collectibles and can spend them on what you want are the best.

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I think alot of ppl do that now as well cos they respect their faction or go big or go home for solos cos if the 7* collection items.

Really well said Sir👍

I’m a lady lol was time4change but I spoke out to much so they banned my account until end of Oct

Really well said Lady👍

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Lol :blush: thank you Sir

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How dare you speak out against the almighty, perfect, amazing, scopely! Shame, shame!

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Long time events don’t have to be easy but they need to be achievable by playing, how sad it is that anniversary toon wasn’t obtainable by playing and not missing any milestone but a couple they made impossible for being in toc grinding 200k in 6v6 wars. If players want to speed up and put money good but completion should be attainable by playing if you reach all milestones related w that event cause it involves a full month of work. At least give the chance of not participate on your scammy events and just claim regular milestones

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  • Purchases required to complete events / access content

You know the game is going worse when even the customers, who feed the developers, are having trouble.

Wow, oh wow that is f’ed up

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