Customer Feedback- 4* Rewards Obsolete, Pls Update

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As the helper and basic tokens have been updated to include now both 4* and 5* tokens the following recruit & rewards and territory rewards are now obsolete and need to be upgraded to reflect the progression of the product (WD:RTS) to make sure it is current, relevant for all customers and up to date.

  1. Territories - Former 5* territories should now be upgraded to 5*+ so instead of giving 5 tokens per hour it should be 10 (for example).

  2. Wheels - There existing 5* wheel should take the place of redundant 4* wheel and a new 5* ascenable/6* wheel should be introduced, which when pulled from, guarantees the customer a 6* ascenable/6*. This would allow the existing items to fall in line with the games progression.

WHY? As you can see from above, customers can now receive 4* toons easily with minimal to no effort at all, so why do such rewards like the 4* wheel and 4* territory rewards still exist?

4* tokens are 5 metas old, (5* toons, 5* ascenables, 6* gen 1, 6* gen 2, 7* toons - sorry S-Class). There is no logical reason that these products (tokens/toons) as rewards to achieve should still exist.

These changes are a necessity to the game and it needs to be updated.

Please pass on to the lead team for further review and provide feedback to your customer of if/when this will be implemented. Thank you :blush:



Like I said before replace it with a six star wheel

No thanks, there are more important things to worry about.

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When I started a few months ago, the 4 star wheel would have been useful, the problem was for a newbie, was that the 4 star tokens were really hard to get, by the time I actually got enough tokens for the wheel, I had progressed beyond 3 and 4 stars and was only interested in 5s and 6s.

The 4 star tokens are only useful for creating ascendance fodder. Like the op stated it would be much better to drop it and create a 5 star ascendable only wheel.

People need to quit thinking their game experience is the only one that matters or exists people are still just starting to play this game still and need the 4 stars for ascending to get 5 stars that are ascendable. If you dont need them why take them completely out of the game just because you dont need them. Just do what you are dont redeem them and move on


Because there r 2 ways of getting 4s that are easy for everyone and faster to achieve. Helper tokens, just use ur teams ally 8 times and u have a chance of getting one (much faster than saving 5k for a 4) and war, whether you win or not you you get basic tokens regardless, again gives everyone a chance to obtain 4*s If they so wish and faster as well.

Currently the only ways you can get 4* tokens is via Scavs, purchasing bags in depo & 5 token per hr if you hold a relevant territory. How long do you think it takes for any player to save up for those to be able to pull 1 4* toon?

Instead upgrade the terries and wheel so all customers of all levels can obtain 5s more easily (+5 are usually given at different rank tournament achievement levels) and have either a 6* wheel or 5* guaranteed ascenable wheel. This allows all players to greatly progress and provides more options and opportunities to do so.

That’s not from one players prospective but considers all.

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I’ll take your 4* they are good for level up

My main thing is instead of saying “I” have no use for this take it out. Why not say I cant use this anymore could you add x(insert idea)

“I” no where in my op mentioned “I”

They aren’t saying take it out, they are saying upgrade it.
Those who need 4 stars would be getting ascendable 5s instead. It benefits everyone.

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Excatly @CLIFTON87

no, get rid of 5 star and 6 stars
I only want s class
and the new ss class please

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