Hi, there. While I develop my characters I’m planning on doing Roadmap Story’s
for them, to not make the same mistake Scopely already did with over 60 characters
without any kind of story. I already did the first focussing on my character Battaglia, a
Red 5* and the people he met.

Battaglia’s Story
Act 1 - 10k Silver Medals
Act 2 - 25k Silver Medals & 4* Sergey ‘‘Dr. Mekar Production #2’’ (Fast)
Enemies: Walkers and Humans
Boss: 5* Sergey, Tier 2
Allies: 4* Fiona, 5* Reynolds, 5* Battaglia
Rang: A+ (Act 1) S1++ (Act 2)

Battaglia (Playable as 5*) Trait(s): Alert
Reynolds (Playable as 5*) Trait(s): Fast
Fiona (Playable as 4*) Trait(s): Fast
Ed (Playable as 3*) Trait(s): Tougth
Sergey (Playable as 4* and 5*) Trait(s): Fast, Strong

Deaths: Ed - Bitten, Turned and then put down by Sergey

The 4 Survior’s Battaglia, Reynolds, Fiona and Ed get attacked by Walkers
and Ed gets bitten at the Shoulder. He tells the Group a bit later. They stop
and he sets down to a wall. In next moment Sergey approaches and wants
the groups weapons and Supplies. They gave him there Supplies, but then
he says he won’t let them go, as he has promised. He aims to Battaglia’s Head
and a splitsecond before he can pull the trigger, he gets the attaked by the Undead
Ed, who has already died. Sergey manages to stab Ed in the Head, but this gives
the Group enougth time to escape.

The characters Reynolds, Fiona and Sergey will be in my next Showcase. There still
in development, but I give a teaser how they look on Tier 4.

4* Fiona (Fast)

5* Reynolds (Fast)

5* Sergey (Strong)

And the Price will be 4* Sergey (Fast)