Custom Cards - Feedback Appreciated :)


Feel free to criticize and offer suggestions. I’m still learning this stuff.


Edit: removed some of the black splatter effect at the bottom of the portrait as it was hard to distinguish from the coat underneath, adjusted the cutthroat symbol a bit to look less choppy

EDIT 2: Adding the other cards to the OP

EDIT 3: Made them all the same size, yay for not being lazy

If you have a request, here’s what I need:

-Toon the card is based on OR a general idea of what you want. Persona, trait, specialist, subtitle, etc.

PM me those and I’ll get it done.

Also, I set up a Ko-Fi page. It’s like an electronic tip jar. Feel free to give it a look if you like the work I’m doing :slight_smile:


Multicolor toon maybe?


I’m not sure what you mean. Like, you think it isn’t colorful enough, or you think it should be multiple trait colors?

Apologies if I’m missing something, it’s kinda late


I’d take a model that is bit more better looking :wink:


Yup, from green to red, one all around toon lol


Know anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah. Hmm. Interesting challenge… Have to sleep on that one.

Fitting the icons on there will be… Tough.


Is he a chapter 1 toon, because his too clean.


Awesome art mate, it’s always refreshing to see your posts.


How do you do these? Would love to have one :grimacing:


But generous with your stays eh? Entertaining as always


Doesn’t actually look all that bad. The little cutthroat symbol could be a bit larger and a little more spaced out from the legendary symbol.


Wow, those stats! Pablo needs a nerf. Too overpowered.


That’s not bad. Especially because it’s already a card. My characters
are only design and not even the right style.

Trait: Strong


Well done sir… plz… do tell your secrets of the craft. :slight_smile:


If Rosita can wear big gold earrings in the apocalypse, a suit and tie shouldn’t be off limits

For the card and symbols, I just took a screenshot of Shiva’s card and grabbed the elements from there.

For the photo, I used GIMP, ran the cartoon filter for automatic black outlines, adjusted the color balance/saturation/contrast levels until the palate was sufficiently simplified, used the brush tool on the face for the comic book color look, and manually adjusted little details like selection errors and some outlines that were missing.

Thanks! I was basing mine on level 72 t3 Shiva, but since that’s a t4 custom card, just changed the 1 in the thousands column to a 2 because I’m lazy.

Thanks! I grabbed the symbols from Shiva, that’s how they look on her card

Same size Cutthroat icon and spacing.


My Secret? Sains Row 2 Editor and Gentleman of Row Mod :smiley:


Oh. Must just be my mind wanting the symbol to be spaced and larger.


Bloody classy, good sir!

Edit: We need more characters wearing suits.


Yeah. The First Version was Just a hoddie, but since He will be a villain he needs some Style :yum: