Currently in draft arena?

So I’m currently doing draft arena? It will only let me select one person without the game crashing. So I can’t pick who I want in the team, just the one that doesnt make the game reset if that makes sense. I also cant pick any weapons so they are all locked in as 1* it’s a really poor team and so weak I cant beat anybody, therefore I’m not able to get letters or even compete. Anybody else having this issue

Same thing happening here

Same as me aswell

@GR.Scopely @LadyGeek @JB.Scopely

Hey there @Tasker7 @TheSteve @bravesirrobin @bravesirrobin I have answered about this issue here Arenas are broken but just to let you know that I have escalated this issue to the team.


As soon as I pick the 1st person for my draft it kicks me out…“apparently” it’s been sorted :thinking::thinking:,left it unattended for 20mins and still kicked me out !!

Nice. Can you answer about the issue where players farmed free red quills and were able to complete the Mr Jones mission with zero effort while many other players have spent their coins and money buying bags and offers and still haven’t completed it yet?

Im lucky since I dont trash but. My arena is glitched to where you don’t gain points. Meaning Locked at 50k. I can still play em but Im wasting arena tickets for no points.

(Basically you do a arena finish it and you have 32k gained points but it doesn’t add to your score thus making it useless)

Can the players impacted by this issue send me their account code via PM, please?
Note: Remember to provide them your account code. (you will find this code in the following format within your player profile in the game (XXX-XXX-XXX)


So what about all my arena tickets I used after I realize I wasn’t gaining points. So are those a waste?

I did exactly that and nothing changed.

At 1st it was crashing the ticket was being reset but today a full 14 hours later, it has used up 4 of my tickets.

i keep seeing Burt 2* trainer in slot 1 of my draft team, hen i click select draft, its already got Diego selected first slot, as i touch another character it resets, using a ticket now, i dare not try again. Tickets cost money

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