Current WD token collection

So before, there was a roadmap up where you could spend extra collection items. With that being gone, and almost every pull I’ve had has been seashells after claiming ivanova already…so I’m currently collecting items as rewards for absolutely no reason…I have a really strong feeling I’m not the only one with this issue either. Why try in events if the rewards have literally NO USE whatsoever?

Yet another thing that needs to be looked at in the game to better the player experience and not have happen again…


Its rough that this event is tied into every reward in every event. It’s hard to get that faction excited to compete for basically nothing


I feel like that map was up the last two Mondays. Look for it tomorrow I think.

But wait!!!
Scopley heard you!!!

And they are laughing and waiting for some more cha-Ching from you

I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks! Hoping I can find something to do with them…I just want the somebreros for Harper and I’d be happy, but my luck hasn’t brought me many at all yet.

Lol, #fixyourgame
-SC finished today and isn’t getting renewed, haven’t spent a dime and don’t intend too until some changes are seen…I just want to love the game like I used too!:grin:

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