Current tournament prizes

Who remembers when they use to give out toons as prizes for all tournaments?

Why did they stop this?

I know I know … Because why give them away for free when they can just make you buy them…

But when I first started the game I use to watch “justaboxgaming” videos on YouTube and was always jealous that people were getting these prizes (at the time I was in a mid level faction and am now in a top faction) but now that I am in a faction that could win the top spot all we get are the same ole prizes like a bad sitcom I have watched over and over …

They are making their faithfuls…the people who have stuck behind this game for a year or more question what they are still doing playing this game…

I’ll still continue to log on every day and I’ll still give my all for my faction mates but I hardly try on solo tourneys anymore and it’s becoming a chore rather than something I enjoy doing …

Why do they choose to ignore us???

I simply ask why … All the post are relatively the same post…

Merge dying regions
Change up rewards
Stop adding In new game features before you fix problems

Please scopely!

You clearly made a good product but it is now blockbuster and all we want is Netflix

Change with the times!!!


It would also help if they could ever get around to the rampant hacking and cheats being used lol. My guess is that if they had taken care of that YEARS AGO, we would have a different game right now to play.

How can they afford to give us good toons as rewards, when they already are losing so much $$$ from people buying their toons, weapons, gear from Russian sites? But if they had put a stop to it, things would probably be different.

Designing mods is cheap
Designing characters is expensive
That’s why you will get mods in the future and not characters

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that’s exactly right. The cost of diversifying the meta is now going to be paid by us through mods.

A long time ago I had made a post about the tournament rewards. I pleaded with Scopely to allow us to have the occasional Ascendable reward, either through war or through one of the solo tournaments. I think I had even created a Poll lol.

To my surprise, Kalishane actually “Liked” my post (I think it’s the only time she’s ever done that), and said that she was working on delivering this for us. Man, did I get my hopes up. That was probably 5 or 6 months ago now … I guess she got me haha.

Was looking back at past threads … remember this one? :rofl:


So after all that polling, I can see they really considered our requests :roll_eyes:

The two biggest complaints were Milestones being too high, and bad rewards lol. They are almost identical to this day.

I feel like they just don’t care what we want or need to continue on our journey of this game

Wait… these are still rewards? I thought scopely was just sending stuff to my mailbox a few times a week… guess I’ve just become completely numb to these weak rewards.

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