Current state of the Meta - Possible better living updates needed

Since the introduction of S-class toons there was a lot of scepticism from players. Many myself included worried that this was going to be 6* intro all over again.

Luckily with museum collections its not the case but that said, here (in my eyes at least) are some of the inherent flaws that comes with the new meta of the game.

1.)Everything surrounding an S-Class toon

1.a) Levelling up
with the inclusion of s-class came the larger levels each tier of an s-class toon naturally. That said, these toons seem to eat up a lot more food and levelling up characters than its 6* counterparts which leads on to…

1.b) Renown points during level up
Since these S-class toons came out i have found depleting my already generously horded stocks whittle down very fast when levelling an S-class, BUT even when it takes so much more, ie, food, 2* toons, gear it also keeps the 6* levelling up scores. This has shown to me that using what would give me decent points for milestones etc suddenly isn’t going anywhere, This pushes me (maybe others) to contemplate if i want to actually compete in level up events or push my S-class’ out ready for War … Which then brings up another point…

1.c) Using more getting less
If im using almost double of my resources for s-class and im getting less back as in level up points, it will affect the other side of the coin with levelling these up.
League points for Gears … Which is also another big point within itself. If you make a player spend much much more levelling up and he spends what would amount to 1.5m in points but actually gets 750k points then that player misses out on the extra league points in milestones which might help obtain more tier upgrade-able gear

1.d) Gear used to tier upgrade S-Class
Just going from the above point, the way S-Class has been set up is basically having a stupidly large number of gear to tier upgrade … With no extra ways to earn more league points (lots of ways just level up is the only decent push for points) to get league points for gear.
but adding them up
1 GPS/Canteen = 18,500 (x10 needed = 185,000)
30 tier 4 gear (helmet) 180,000
30 tier 3 gear (60 in total) 72,000 total 144,000

we know S-Class is meant to be a grind or at least a quick purchase to achieve but every single component of an S-Class toon is depleting a lot of resources to the point where unless you fork out an additional £hundreds however much for trainers/gears AFTER obtaining or purchasing the s-class (1 or more) will severely cause a drought in the players inventory.

I do enjoy the hnt for the s-class toon but once getting it, not being able to max them after a few weeks and literally having training grounds run dry 3 times in a row now is sucking the fun outta the game … or at least my game


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4 Years of this … lol you think its possible for me to quit

Im also running 2 games ive started from scratch, so im in this twice as hard

That sounds painful and depressing, but I won’t be commenting anymore since you like to get posts hidden

not me, why would i hide your post then directly reply to it Bud, I am almost 40, i dont deal in petty post wars. might have been a buzz word you used


There was like nothing offensive in that post lol but I hurt someone’s feelings I guess

It’s the weekend, and @JohnAdams has crawled out from under the bridge once again (only on weekends does this account appear - the homework theory seems to fit more and more)

Btw good post Clemo, absolutely spot on!


Now would finally be a good time for 6* gear maps. Very good points that exemplify a common issue where new features are introduced (S-Class), and the butterfly effects (gear reqs, level up) aren’t considered until much later


Only have one sclass so i have no idea the struggle you are having #ftpproblems.

You know that won’t ever happen man they gotta get paid by selling gear in the shop you’ve been playing long enough you know how this goes

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Aye same here, but have you tried levelling tier 3 James/Christa? Jeez the amount of toons they eat for a slight increase in the bar, even with both level up territories, is just ridiculous.

Beside the point, they’ll still sell gear for those who want to insta-level. Doesn’t mean there has to be a drought that stints progression


This whole game is a like a graveyard now the drought and lack of gear is resembling a real Apocalypse well unless you have an atm card to bail you out haha

The league depot sorted it out until S-Class. It’s just the ol’ PU wish that new features are implemented properly and peripheral aspects aren’t left to rust.

As I know how much you like them :wink:


Oh yeah dude I love PU those guys are so totally awesome they do so much for this game whatever would rts do without them ? haha

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I have a hard time believing anything john adams has to say, he protected british soldiers during the revolutionary war. He has been a traitor his whole life. He was such a bad president that there is no statue or monument for him. Kind of hard to respect a man that as president wanted to be called your highness.

I’m totally out of gear now, maxed Pete and Priya and it’s all gone, it’s crazy

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Happy cake day :birthday::tada:

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I’m very pessimistic. We’re getting to the point that even Wave 2 regions are starting to have teams with 2 S-class or more; once this spreads even further there will be no point in playing for lots of people.

thanks LG