Current rewards completely blow. What happened to improved rewards and milestones?

The raid rewards give you between 0.5% and 1.5% of a full S-Class. Some trash 6* gear most have stockpiles of and a meh amount of Ascendance tokens.

These rewards are NOT acceptable. They’re not improved, they’re not good, average or even bad, they’re downright terrible and an absolute insult to the playerbase.

You seem to believe that 5* tokens are amazing now and it should take months of grinding to get an already dated S-Class?

5* tokens are trash. The rate st which you’re giving out S-Class items is trash.

Typhoon - Trash
Arenas - Trash
Leagues - Trash
Tournament Variety/Rewards - Beyond Trash

You have had nearly three god damn months to improve your game. Instead you update wheels then immediately made them dated through the release of S-Class.

You give us a long grind to get S-Class only to make the first two released immediately outdated with the release of the first Fast one.

Just ■■■■■■■ stop. These rewards, nothing you are doing is rewarding. Nothing you are doing is making people want to keep playing.

And we all know we have the spastics still spending thousands to thank for all this. Sort it out. Raid rewards should not be worse than what you could claim from territories over 5 hours. Also I’m sure second would prefer a choice box of Ascendable 5* over 50 ■■■■■■■ ICE CREAM CONES


Keep surviving they don’t care


I feel the same exact way. We need trainers and gear. This is the dryest I’ve seen this game. 5* tokens feel like a smack in the face bc the wheels only spit out useless trash. It feels like the game has became 100% worse then when I began a little over a year ago. Where’s the improvements on anything? I’ve only seen this game deteriorating. Good grief I don’t want to quit playing but I essentially already have. I only check in to get the gold bricks lately bc everything is just crap and not worth playing for. 130 torches? Pffft keep your crappy collectibles. I grinded 19k puppies, where are they? Why play when you get nothing for your effort? Maybe this new war thing will liven things up. Idk. But man , I feel your disappointment. I hope things start looking up for everyone really soon. Sorry your experience has been as bad as mine. I’m barely holding onto faith that things will improve.


This game needs to die. Do I need to say more?


As they’re not stupid, that’s apparently the plan.


They gon have to keep surviving when they hit bankruptcy.

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The raid rewards are really depressing. I mean seriously our weekend event rewards us this? We can get the same amount collections from the choice box in the road map.

So why bother with spending resources on the raid event? It’s just bad… bad… bad.


Raid rewards are terrible for sure should be 1000 cones or keys so should lvl up

In before chapter 13 filed

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