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I was wondering if I should do a ten pull for Mackenzie with my league coins or wait on a different range toon. She has revive but it’s on active not ar.


Personally I would wait for a different character to be in there.


If you have a shield and and say Erika lead she can be a pain in the * otherwise she’ll be easy to control.


Excellent support toon behind a sheild.

Useless if you don’t have a sheild and a proper lead.


Don’t have either so I’ll wait


There are pros and cons to active skill revive characters.


  • Revive can’t be impaired or delayed with AP down.
  • The AI is dumb. Revive rush often goes off when no one is dead. Revive active only goes off when someone needs to be revived.
  • Moving the revive to the active means the character’s rush can do more healing than other revive characters.


  • They revive with less HP than revive rushes
  • Revive can only be used twice.

I have Violet on both my attack and defense team. Don’t have a human shield and she still works extremely, easily the best character I have.


If you dont have yet, a disarm should be the toon to aim for.


Mackenzie is so far the only 6* character to remove every type of debuff possible. And she is a revive on her active skill. Not much of a healer but when she can clear every debuff. I’d pull for her.


I did a single pull and got Bruce so I would give it a go


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