Current Lvl Up Top Score?

Clear proof that people have no self control. Especially since the milestones were given at 2,000 points this time.

Current leader is 1 million ahead of 2nd and 3rd and is still going… why? For a couple more tokens and Ulys?

What do your region’s scores look like?


In lamar we this:


At least your scores are close, giving an actual fight for the top spots, but still, 1.6 mill just to claim a few extra rewards. Not worth it in my opinion.

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Shameful, and this is a big reason why the game is in the shape it’s in. People just can’t control themselves and have to feed their ego’s to be #1

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Yes, but normally a fight for 4 lillith’s can go as high as 5m. I can understand now, they might have a char they want to get ready for CRW tonight

One character wouldn’t net 2 mill though. And cross region war rewards are crap comparatively :slight_smile:

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Last minute war preps. No biggie

I have 34 lilith’s. Not even trying this event.

Just sent a 100k out with 4s to max to try for gator or Rosa.

Maybe they want to get toons ready for war?

Yea I was lucky enough to not have any six stars in my scav so I can save the scav. If not I would have opened it.

Nah i didnt mean the points are spend just to get the char ready, i mean they need the lilliths for that one char they want to be ready for war. They want to win those to upgrade the adrenaline rush

Gotta get those toons ready to score 500k+ in the upcoming cross region ego war.

Definitely alot lower than usual in my region. 10th is less than one million. 1st 1.6 million.

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