Current in game survey will give useless feedback


The current in game survey, among other things, asks about preferred event times. I believe the framing of the question makes the results likely to be unreliable, because the framing is totally inconsistent with players lived experience.

Wondering how others felt answering those questions. I felt like it was “be careful what you wish for because you might get it” but without the scaled rewards indicated.


It’s strange they have the surveys when they can see what people want from this site they get more feedback from this site then they would the survey


They gather feedback from both.

Lots of vocal minorities here.


The only 1 day event should be level up. 10 minutes in I’m done most of my bullwork. Still can claim 1 or 2 ygl more and be close to 2 million. With current milestones any other event being that short isnt worth it.


Agreed, but if they’d ask the wrong/slanted questions and the results contradict the forums they’ll just ignore the specific feedback and go with the bulk feedback on a similar but different issue.

The flow of survey questions is already conditional, they could have put a forking question about whether rewards should scale, or ask both sets of questions.