Current feelings with #PU and Scopelys efforts

So here’s my take on things so far…ever since #playersunited began, I feel we’ve been about half heard…I feel like the steps in the right direction, while appreciated, were still steps in the wrong direction as crazy as that sounds.

The pathways event, while a decent event, it had its issues.

  1. Setting territory missions so high with all of the crashing issues made it very difficult to achieve for a lot of factions. Lower factions I’m sure may have really struggled with this, making that portion near impossible to grind out.
  2. Top war mission being set at 30,000 battles was a lot. Again, I’m sure top factions were able to hit it, while lower factions again probably struggled trying to do that many…you’d have had to be active 24/7 in all wars during the time it was up. I’m in a reasonably active faction, and while we came close, we didn’t hit the 30,000.
  3. The horde battle was set a bit high in my opinion. Yes, if you wanted to burn multiple cans (if you had enough) and chose to flee battles, or got lucky enough with your RNG to get good cards initially, I’m sure it was doable. Being diamond league, with minimal dropped defense, then hordes crashing on top of that made it next to impossible unless I’d have fled, dropped down in leagues, and purchased cans…so again, that goes completely against being working to bridge the gap with f2p. Yes, I also stayed on top of getting cans from league store, no, it still wouldn’t have been enough.

Yes, at this point, there was a small step forward taken. 40 Lucille’s…yes, that helped get some just far enough to get Piper, myself included. But there was plenty here that still fell short even with those. Out of the roughly 100 possible Lucille’s for horde battles (not sure if that’s the exact number), 40 seems a bit low. This was definitely a “something is better than nothing,” but still fell short.

On to cross region war…

This was a complete fiasco to say the least. Many factions unable to war at the beginning. The faction I’m in got locked out a few hour in. Among whatever other lockout issues occurred, and even some players being completely locked out for days.

And again, the compensation was milestones up to 50,000. For some, I’m sure this was decent, for others, it’s just a bit low for how long some were locked out. Now, this doesn’t even take into consideration of how this could affect overall war prizes (we won’t get into discussion of the current war token wheel, it’s very clear what everyone thinks of it), faction rank, or both individual and faction league placement. Which is something that seems to be overlooked with a lot of this. So again…something is better than nothing, and at least some effort was shown on Scopelys part, which is more than we can say for past issues.

And now for the fun part!! The new released toons!

Wayland-payback toon, collection or direct pull from wheel. Not the best, but fits into the current meta of the game.

P2P premiere recruits

Tye-not the greatest, but has decent AR, active is turn 1, with “On a Roll” specialist skill. Another that at least fits current games meta. Another collection/direct pull toon

P2P premiere recruits

Hina-haven’t much looked into her, but doesn’t seem to be the worst toon by any means. Can be received by completing challenges roadmap, that you’re given just enough to get started, but nowhere near enough to complete the map, so…

P2P Roadmap

Ryan-decent toon, new Bide specialist skill. Definitely fits the current game meta and is useful. Another collection/direct pull toon.

And finally we get to a legacy toon…

Romanov-similar stats, and power to Road to survival 3 Governor. Yes, you can find a use here and there. No, it’s not going to hold up to a lot of the newer toons or have that substantial of an impact. If you had him already, he’s now ascendable. If not, there’s also a collection for this. Available in new summer token wheel. 50.5% chance of pulling collectible.

No, Romanov is not the worst toon. No, Romanov isn’t what players were hoping for! Again, not asking for legacy toons to be S-Class toons, but come on…give us something! Make Romanov turn 2 active, so it’s useful. Don’t drop his AR 100% dmg from the 5* version. Had Romanov been given stats like the new Tye, it would be better than this attempt.

Make the collection items grindable somehow, not ANOTHER RNG WHEEL!

And by the way…how many collectibles do you get from a pull?! 50.5% chance at how many? How many 5* tokens for the 49% chance? This lack of information is not helpful at all.

Look Scopely…we’re not asking for handouts…we’re not asking for anything unreasonable. Give us toons we want to grind for! Give us prizes that we want to fight for. Make this game fun like it used to be!! We’d war for a decent 5* toon that would help us, prizes were prizes!! Now prizes are chances at something that may or may not even be useful if you don’t already have two, three, sometimes four of them already!! F2P need these legacy toons to have that little extra punch to them so they can have a fighting chance in events!

When you release Maggie and Hershel…put some thought into it. Bump them up that extra notch…Put them into grindable maps so people can to work for them, not hope and pray that they have good luck on yet another wheel!


The more you do NOT do this, and stay on the path you’re on now, the more players are going to walk away as many have already.

Many feel the attempts so far have been nothing but a slap in the face and a sad attempt at what was asked of you. We just want to love this game like we once did, is that really too much to ask? People feel like you’re not listening to us. I do not feel this way, I see the attempts and feel like you’re only half way hearing what we’re saying…so please, open up to our ideas, get it right, make this game what it once was again so we can move forward in all aspects of this!!

End rant and opinion for now…





Everything you said is spot on, everything. But at this point I really feel like any hope is a wild longshot. ACTIONS SPEAK (not a "list of promises). Scopely has spoken. They’ve made their decision to put money above player satisfaction and to only see us as dollar signs rather than an actual community who truly at one point enjoyed this game very much.


I figure they have 2 more chances with toons to show us something. I’ve personally not spent another dime since this began. And I among many others are holding to that. It’s a cat and mouse game, they do something to see if we start to spend, we continue to hold out until they get it right. Once they prove they’re listening, and the game is what it once was, things can get back to normal so to speak.

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I actually think you’ve gone easy on them in your summary, but you raised good points.
Worth noting the main problem with hordes was the cancellation of the 2nd event. May be worth editing that into the OP.

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Dayuuum. I mean… Dayuuum.

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