Current faction level up

Logged on to the game about an hour after faction level up had started. Collected the 12h scav 100k xp with five 5* t4 lvl 1’s. Still level up doesnt show any points for me? Thats 27 levels each or 810k points i am not accounted for. Such glitches makes me wanna quit this game!!!

I once collected a 100k scavenger mission before the lvl had shown up as started on my device. Maybe you did the same thing? It Was very frustrating.


The rewards suck for a 2+ day faction level up…my points are adding up and I never had the same problem as you are having. Are the points showing up for you now or is it still messed up?

So how the hell can i talk to someone from Scopely in here?

It sounds like you collected it before the event popped up on your device. If that’s the case, their answer will most likely be “Wait until you get the pop up for the event next time”

I claimed a scavenger ygl two weeks ago. Can i complain enough until i get credit for it this weekend?