Current F2P toons: A comparison

There have been a lot of complaints regarding the quality of recently released F2P toons (from myself included). I wanted to check for myself on the ascendance tower exactly how the last few released compared to those before them. For the sake of the comparison I have excluded SC toons from the list, as well as any premiums that have been included in temporary reward wheels (such as the war wheel and summer tokens etc). Each of these toons must have been available from one of; 5 star tokens, league tokens, four star ascension, a grindable event or be a legacy toon. I have not excluded or missed any out in the time line. This is the exact order they were released in.

Here are the last 7 F2Ps released (most recent first):

  1. Sergio
  2. Romanov
  3. Earl Sutton
  4. Piper
  5. Jackson
  6. Leon
  7. Sawyer

Here are the 7 previous to that:

  1. Regina
  2. Charlie
  3. Michelle
  4. Douglas
  5. Guardian Rick
  6. Nik
  7. Shawn
    (I could go further and include Donny and Eric as the two before that).

Just look at those two lists. The best on the first list is probably Piper, the toon available from the hardest grind event in RTS history. And at best, she’s average. Many people I know weren’t able to get her, and I wouldn’t exactly consider them slackers. There isn’t a single GOOD toon on that first list. They are all sub/par versions of their premium counterparts.
Now look at the second list there isn’t a single BAD toon on there. They are all able to hold their own against their premium counterparts (some don’t even have premium counterparts!) Some of them contributed to a meta change (Nik notably). What happened between releasing Regina and releasing Sawyer? Something changed at Scopely HQ.

It’s also worth mentioning that during the release of the last seven, reward wheels have massively dropped in quality and pull system has changed to make it near impossible to get anything from a 40-pull. I hope #PU changes Scopely’s outlook on the quality of the toons and the avenues to acquire them. Because looking at this, the future is bleak.


Skullie token gate made them hate us cause they are little kids in their offices


You’re probably right. Did that occur between the release of Regina and sawyer?

Leons a beast. Just most don’t know it

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I have to agree hes underrated

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And awesome hair

Sawyer is a good toon also… Only thing stopping him from being a premium is 2 turn stun instead of one.

But the point of the topic … Yes absolutely there has been a drastic change in the quality of f2p and the release rate as well.


I would argue that Earl is the best of that first 7, but you are right, the most recent batch have been pretty awful.

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4 of the bottom toons are in my main offense.

I mostly agree, although a decent chunk of the recent list is perfectly servicable or fills a particular niche. Only Sergio seems completely useless. (Also, where’s Joshua? I didn’t get him, but he was grindable)

Also, don’t forget about premier toons that have become F2P, in particular fast Shiva. She’s carried me for the last 10 months or so; played right an absolute game-changer.

Honestly Sawyer is one of the best toons I have, his 100% heal reduction and stun is extremely helpful. The second list is definitely better but I was unlucky to never have pulled any of the legacy toons on that list even though I desperately need Douglas and Rick.

They are clearly following an agenda here. Even Scopely can’t be out of touch to this degree.

They completely stopped giving anything useful to the players who aren’t willing to pay.

Look at the current legacies, league toons, war wheel, reward wheel etc, it’s all trash and doesn’t help the player to progress in the current meta. They even start to nerf toons like charlie, because he gave ftp a chance to tackle these insane teams.

Scopely is aggressively trying to bring the rapidly declining playerbase (ftp and ptp) to spend more and more, for the illusion of having a chance to keep up, while constantly changing the meta and pushing power creep.

This is the endgame folks, there’s something on the horizon we don’t know about yet. There is no intention to make this a fun and balanced experience for their players anymore, there is no longterm strategy. The recent actions speak for themselves.

It’s all one last, huge money grab before they close shop, think about it…


I agree. Scopley changed dramatically after skullgate. Almost like a change in ownership or something.


After skullgate, Scopley performance has been very much mimicking a child throwing a temper tantrum. Their rewards immediately went south. And every thing became a blatant cash grab. They weren’t quite so obvious with it prior.


Yes, before skullgate scopely were actually going a step further in the right direction, but now they are just kids and full of empty promises

These sort of things happen usually because someone left and was replaced by someone who doesn’t have a clue

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It is indeed unless you are willing to spend, spend, spend!

I wouldn’t necessarily say Piper was ftp. Some people had to pay to get her including myself and I’m a highly active player at that


Borderline FTP


Maybe if you did all the missions to get the crossbones but even then some missions were damn near impossible to complete without having to spend