Curious - meta?


So I know generally what it means, and of course I’ve googled it, but what does everyone mean when they say “meta”? Is it short for the term Most Effective Tactic Available?

Just curious…


Yes minimum characters


Most people use the term wrong and use it to mean the most popular, not necessarily the most effective.


Yeah that makes sense.

Well what you said does…


I first encountered that term back when i was playing MTG. It was termed “metagame” back then and referred to the most common build/strategy you would expect.

It has since been shortened to “meta”, and i believe it pertains to the most common team builds. Like the meta in my region involves carl and mira leads with p2p erika leads.


“In your Region” lol


I played mtg too and yeah the meta i remember. I was playing uw miracles or deathblade at tournaments. Gotta love jace the mind sculptor!


It’s gonna be all about that Koa meta once he gets released.


Haha i can see that you are repping good ol’ Jace Beleren, Shaper Savant :smiley:

I was more of a green mage. I would bring a monogreen or red green stompy deck and would end up top 8 because of anti-meta cards. Goin’ rogue all the way, baby!!