Curious George is curious

With vitality, if you have a bonus hp when healed weapon, does that apply? Or is it a weird skill like how evasion can still work even when stunned. Because that’s fuggin wacky as hell.

Um is that even possible. If I’m not mistaken only Clementine and Sophia have vitality.

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From what I remember so looking at the sheets, the only red or blue healing crit result is heal self for red which heals 00% when you kill n enemy, so u would have to take stun OFF clem. Which would be not smart. So no, I would say not possible? (If I if there’s a result for state 1/2 that would heal but I’ll not worth it)

Sophia has it. She doesn’t have a bound weapon so I was just curious. This have makes no sense so why would they not think of it.

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