Curious as to who has the highest score in the current solo level up

Just curious how many points the number one has put up in this level up so far across the other regions.

Our current leader is at 5.8 million.

Walker so far

Damn, unless #2 is know to make big comebacks thats a crapload of wasted points with that kinda of lead.

Our #2 is close with 5.3 million. #3 is at 4.9

Haha #2 is from the no.1 faction so I will be surprised if they lose this, also won’t rule out 3rd place > another top faction compared to the 1st place, we shall soon see~ I shall update once event has finished :smile:

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3.7, 3.1 . ~2 mil

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This is ours…

I almost had second in our region.

Pushed to 3rd in the last 22 seconds.


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That sux. I still don’t get why 3rd doesn’t get its own prize instead of getting lumped into 10th. You ever get the podium before? I had it twice so far.

I was top 10 the entire way until about 3 hours left to go. I was tired so I set my alarm to wake me with about 20 min to go and I had fallen further down to 14th. I had a 100k in the oven (my only one the entire weekend) and I had got Mira to T4 today so I quickly moved right back into 5th. Was about to check with 30 sec left and the stupid pop up for the daily pass got in my way and I couldn’t see the final standings. So now just gonna wait for the rewards.

I also got my 2nd 100 badges from the raids. Do you manage to get to 4200? I did it for the 3 Benedicts but not sure how many more times I can stomach that much raiding. So damn boring.

Yeah. I got the 4200. Actually at almost 7200 now.

Sad part is I got pushed out by someone I helped out long ago by giving up my spot for war rewards, back when that was possible. They said they’d never forget it.

Oh well.

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Oh, he remembered all right. I swore I saw him wave as he passed by and stole your spot. What a douche.

7200? Jebus how many can’s have you burned? I stopped using cans right at 4198 then switched over to natural gas. 25 cans were enough of a dent in my stash. Were in 8th and have a 9k lead over 11th so I’m not worried.


Shocking 1st place wasnt no.1 faction

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Eugene must be pissed that he wasted so many points. 1000 coins arent really that many, Its either 10 pulls on the wheel of bullshit or 2 1/2 towards the second stash.

I don’t know about that, few hours into tourney Eugene had 3mill pts like wtf, definately a high for the past several months. Waiting on getting Rick and rest of events/placements to where I will pull

I think 30-40 cans? Honestly don’t remember. I just raided until I had enough to get Rick.

Congrats, I saw your screenshot earlier. Did you already get him upgraded to a 6 star?

I’m a little over 28 right now before the rewards. I know I have enough and I’m in no rush. Being ranged has made all these “free” yellow toons pretty much useless for me although they are still cool to have. Hope they switch over to ranged the 2nd half of the year with similar type events.

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Yeah. I burnt almost all my reserves because I wanted to try him in a raid team idea I had.

Early verdict?

He opens up a few possibilities. Not as much as I’d hoped, but there’s some weapons I need to craft to take full advantage of it.

I’ll record and share if I can ever get those weapons. I swear the game is just crapping all over everything I try these days

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Sounds about right.

Rewards just came in. Took 5th. In the process of cashing in my tokens. Hope I get at least 5 pulls on stash #2. Also just realized I probably should have pulled earlier and used all these trainers. Now they are gonna clog up my roster for weeks if the level up on wed is garbage, whoops.

Heres a though. Why couldnt they make trainers stack in the roster? It’s not like you can level them up so they don’t need individual spots.

Not to0 bad. Got enough tokens to pull for Rick. Now to start saving up for the 2nd stash.

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