Cumulative Initial Turns For Active Skills #MakeRaidsGreatAgain


Think this would buff up defenses a bit and make raiding more challenging.

Instead of having initial turns count for only your turns, it should also count for the opposing team. For example:

Team 1 attacks
Team 2 has multiple toons activate actives

This would also help with actives that are much more effective when used early like AP gain, focus, remove defense, remove impair etc.

Just a thought.


It would hurt defense more often than help. Very few people need “cure burn” going off every other turn.


Cure burn won’t activate if no one is under the burn effect.


I just see shiva stunning a random toon, my mirabelle curing it and slowing down shivas confusion rush from happening


That and OR teams of 5 shivas active stunning your whole team first turn and just being invincible. same with 5 confuse toons, or a mixture of 5 confusers and stunners.


Shiva could possibly stun Mirabelle and/or cancel out the special stat effects of a weapon though. Either way, Shiva would slow down Mirabelle getting to her AR.

Reds could destroy atleast 2 of those those shivas 1st turn and it’s possible to do nearly just that on offense.