Cullman is not ready for crw

Scopley are y’all that cold hearted. Most on Cullman haven’t even started crafting. You need to rethink this. There isn’t even one person with the lvl 20 on Cullman. Also Jeff Davis had stun gun sale and most are and have been weapon crafting.
By promoting us! You are punishing us. Thanks…
If this happens I will not war and will encourage all on Cullman not to war

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Not crying. No reason to war to get my a$$ kicked. I can go war in my original region and keep on surviving. I urge all Cullman members too also

I think its hilarious that yall get CRW but Edgefield dosen’t

Hopefully Cullman matches Chilton or Chattahoochee lmao jk jk :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s ok. Scopley is special at times

I hope we match monty.

I have a feeling it’s cause we have tons of moderate whales and one huge whale with full t4 ascended team


@Jugo I tend to agree with you. Cullman is a very young region, while regions who are older such as Edgefield are still not included in CRW. Scopely may see a few high team grades but town halls and armory are still not high enough to craft or have war life higher than 820. Facing a region even two weeks older would be extremely difficult. The top faction in Cullman only have a few who are able to craft, the number 2 faction is the same.


Lol, my region is almost a year old and doesn’t have many guys with full t4 teams, he must be prestige 13…

The bad part is he still sucks.

Isn’t it better to be matched in CRW and you have the option to queue in for war than to not have war at all?

Sorry if I’m failing to see how you can lose by being included in CRW. You as a region still can get 8th place prizes.

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No we had plenty to que. Y’all screwed us over. I have one of most advance towns and crafting is very limited but y’all most not play the game or would realize crw in a new… New region is back azzwards