Cue Broken... No war

Most factions in our region have been search for like an hour, boring


Same in Miller :sleeping:

Idem clays

Pretty sure it’s everywhere

Wars going well in Barrow. No issues.

Well hell. Wtf

Macon stuck in searches

Bartow is down as well

Lanier is at a stand still…all facs searching nothin happenin


Troup is shut down too with many factions queued up :confused:

Rabun is fecked. Been searching for over 40 mins.

Same in Harris. Searching…

Jeft davis is down

@Shawn.Scopely @kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan @Andrea_Scopely @Agrajag

Berrien the same. We’re all just searching??

Dougherty is stuck in the q as well …

Forsyth stuck in search also

Noones here man.

Someone might take a sneaky peek

Gotta have faith right??