Crw With hacker's


My region Cleburne just had CRW with Morgan, White, & Coosa region’s. The ppl of Coosa & every other region had to war with this hacker from the Faction The Dark side. The Dark side is still running around with hacker’s. Coosa region said that you only got rid of 10 hacker’s in their region. There’s still more there they have alt accounts, where they still have an a hold to the game. What everyone across all the region’s want to know is when are you going to be rid of the hacker’s or get someone to keep ppl from using 3rd party cheats? Should anyone have Tier 4 6★ 's & completely perfect weapons? When some of these toons were just released recently? Hacker’s name is Nibs


He’s quite infamous, nothing new


But now there’s proof…


It will be taken to the team, tag some of the moders


I’ve few screenshots of him as well, he had around 10 full t4 toons in the towers and all! Weirdly though you should still beat him lol





Yeah, I don’t stand any form of cheat scum, but you should visit RU and ES regions, you’ll understand that NiB is actually weak both in teams and weapons


1 month old account


Says the one who surely cheats, congrats. You are driving this game downhill


Looked to me like 1 maxed and 4 more on tier 4. Looks a bit off if you ask me… I dont think anyone could have 5 canteens without some foul play.


You know the funny thing?

This account has maxed Negan, Shiva and Tyresse as well (and he had them in the cross region war WEEKS ago)

So this dude’s running upwards to 10. TEN maxed 6*s, has been reported not by one region, but by 4-8 regions and NOTHING is done?

Scopely, he had a maxed 6* Tyresse before the screwdriver event. It was literally impossible!!

It’s an embarressment to yourself to not ban this guy.

This is the same guy that drove me to consider cheating weeks ago. I even talked to him on line and he explained to me how he buys coins from vk and used game guadian!


Yes they do sell te gear for six stars… on VK!


your a pathetic little shit. After all the hackers being banned from your faction you still come here and talk about that he is legit. You need to take your broke cheating ass out of here. You think your special cause you can hack?

You are actually a nobody

@Khaleesi1 and @WalkerBait you did right by reporting it.


c’mon Scopely get this cheater outta here


I believe he was banned numerous times but restored or got himself a new account, returned to a Darkside faction and continued cheating all over the place, it happens every time. We should really consider banning the whole faction for helping him and using his cheating skills to compete. They will think twice before inviting his next account.


Talk about level playing field…that not going to stop.


we need more people to cheat!!! Stop blowing money on scopley and their horrible customer service. We need to all cheat so we can be on the same playing field =)


@Darkside The guy Nibs is prestige 11, the expenses for gear and toons alone would make him pretige 13.


Of course it’s not, copely are exploiting us so we exploit them back.