CRW with Decatur-you have no chance Brooks and Brantley


The CRW matchup has posted, I want to be the first from Decatur to wish pity upon Brooks and Brantley for having matched with Decatur and having to face the all mighty Wolfpack! Time for another undefeated war weekend.

Also, wanted to give a shout to Iron Maiden, it seems your visit may have sparked this match.

Edit: Go ahead and flag it, WP still won’t lose.


I can’t wait to see VampireBill was destroyed by A 16 inch Dildo in the war log


Brooks and Brantley for the sake of all on the forums please squash Decatur


HAHA it can not be done. Even if Decatur finishes last in region rank Wolfpack will remain undefeated.


Didn’t we get a thread warning against attracting region drama or no?


Are you one of the classic no life nerds? You sound like one


This isn’t region drama.

This is Cross Region Drama!


He’s not wrong. Brooks and Brantley can’t defeat the Wolfpack of Decatur.


But we all would be overjoyed if they could since bill runs his mouth so much


It’s just part of his character. I love VampireBill.


Doesn’t seem you were undefeated last war with this comment you made.


We did get a thread warning about intra region drama.

As Kaniama was so kind to point out, this is cross region drama.

This is the unOFFICIAL thread for this CRW matchup.


You don’t like getting your bottom spanked?

Maybe this isn’t the right forum for where this discussion could lead us.


Who shall reign supreme? My money is on Brantley taking first. I know folks from there, they’re a solid region

  • Decatur
  • Brantley
  • Brooks

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Not really my thing.


Please someone post CRW results at the end haha :stuck_out_tongue: good luck to all 3 regions.


Brantley has a faction full of perfect weapons and everything so doubt those wolves go unbeaten


Dixie I hope they wipe the floor with wolves


@VampireBill received_1803690266327362