CRW with Decataur-you have no chance


Good evening mortals.

After an invigorating, but yet meaningful show of my true selflessness nature, tonight the ever dominant wolf pack ( or Terminal cafe as we want to be known as for tax avoidance schemes and to hide from the better teams), threw a lifeline to our nearest “competitor”.
After much deliberation, I decided to it better to kick half of my faction (as my back hurts due to all the carrying) and assimilate half of my nearest “competition”. I mean, who would not want to be a part of my faction? After all, my hair is AMAZING !!

I look forward to announcing the thrashing I personally will give your regions best teams. The only reason I need a faction is because of this stupid idea that it take 8 teams. And taking the best 15 from the nearest cometition will just make life easier. But enough about them. It is all about me.

I look forward to taking your team out with my superior mellee teams. Or range teams. I have every toon there is, so you don’t stand a chance. I am #1 in Decaraur. Have I mentioned that before?
#1 in Decataur & #1 in your hearts. And guys, keep your gals locked up. My man-bun is irresistable and has the women virtualy swooning. I can’t fight them off fast enough with my virtual stick.

So I, Lames (#1 in Decataur if I haven’t already mentioned it) am saying that who ever comes against Decataur, you may as well join my pack of swooning virtual women and give yourselves to me as after a short while, you will be putty in my hands.
If you are coming to war against me, you may as well not bother as I have worked out all the outcomes and I wind up #1 !!! Haha
So bow down in awe this coming CRW and watch in awe & delight.

Peace out
Master Lames.


I know way more than I need to about Decataur… most of which has been learned just the past few days :roll_eyes:


And here I was thinking I was getting boring by flying the DADE flag every so often.


Decatur is going to lose as a region because wolf pack or cafe or whatever crap you guys want to be called don’t allow for any competition in the region itself.


Destroy and create, create and destroy. You are well on your way to taking your first step as a Wanderer. Do not be deceived by the treasures my friend, through change we find great knowledge.

Should you happen upon Morgan region in this coming war, seek me out. I shall show the ways of the wanderers with thee.


This is all very sad and lame.


I am glad you know my name.

Are you swooning yet?


As a wolf, I think this wolfpack is extremely weak and will lose to any region it wars against.


No it will not young pup !!

I am Lames, with the credit card of infinite usage !!! Anytime you want to try it out, come at me.
I bet mine is bigger than yours.

I am the Alpha.




While your infinite credit card sounds quite amazing, I can still kick your ass without money. It’s funny you and your tools have to come to the forums with excuses for how bad you guys are.


Kinda hope that whomever matches with them kicks their butts.


They normally do war pigs wrecked them and they lost the 2 blitz wars


So whats all this posing about?


Shut up Stephen.




Overcompensating for your tiny penis?


Lames is delighted.

Lames is happy.

Lames is amazing

Lames is also #1 (if you didn’t know)


Lames says puppy, know your place at the bottom of MY food chain.


Lames is aptly named.

Enjoy your CRW!


Lames asks Tully if she likes man-buns?


Now he speaks in 3rd person?! He must be losing his sanity now that no one believes him.