CRW - where are the deets?

CRW starts in less than a few hours and we still don’t have any information. Towers? Matchups? Rewards? Mod removal ends soon so it would have been nice to have this info ahead of time.

they dont post match ups no more, only towers and rewards, but still no post 🤷

Rewards are on VK

Matchups will be a surprise as usual

Towers are coming early this time. Allegedly…


@GR.Scopely where is the tower info we need it to make teams accordingly

May as well post match ups can’t exactly transfer anywhere can we :unamused:

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Last CRW information was posted around 5pm BST. It is now 3:30pm BST

So much for early information…

I heard they were supposed to post matchups this time around since everyone is locked

yea thats earlier, war will start soon still no update 🤷

Should be here In 27 mins

hope so :):grin:

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