CRW War Weekend poll

  • Split with 8v8
  • Split with 6v6
  • Full Weekend with 8v8
  • Full Weekend with 6v6

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For CRW this weekend which option do you prefer for war. ‘Split’ refers to having the TWO Parts to the war and Full Weekend would be the normal war timing of Friday late EST time to Sunday Late Evening time.

This is NOT factoring in regular region war. I understand some do like to have 6v6 more for that than CRW for instance but ONLY considering CRW.

Thanks all,
Bill -Abusement Park-


Split wars just suck. Basically the same (if not worse) prizes for more effort and faction coordination


I agree. Super short, can’t get the 20k milestone unless you’re either there for most wars or spend plenty of cans on the one you do participate in. Sucks, really… with 8v8 and a lot more time, it’s hard not to get the milestones if you’re active enough.


Lmao bill if you think scopely cares about this poll


Sadly they know.

The feedback has been clear and concise.

Do they care?



we can only do what we can do man.


They really should put a blitz in the rotation atleast once a month and get rid of 1 of the 12-15 level ups


Regardless of whether scopely listens or not the poll speaks for itself.


They listen as much as a 1 year baby does


Taking Saturday night away from war just isn’t right…


We can have all the polls we want. They don’t give a you know what.


I’m taking as in there heads for some reason there calander set ups isn’t broking it is beyond broking whole thing needs to be redo


Ok who voted for 6v6 split


@JB.Scopely more data to show the bosses :roll_eyes:


There’s always 1 lol.

6 or 8 doesn’t bother me much, but split is unworkable from an Australian Timezone. I guess I could take money off, but then i’d Have less disposable income, and I’m sure Scopely don’t want that…


The trolls. Who else would. :wink:


me,lol… i am the one…


i like to sleep between the wars… and i dont like to wait for que …


Scopelys track record shows that they always do the opposite of what the players want so we need to use some reverse psychology on them and we all need to make posts and threads saying just how much we love the new spilt 6x6 wars and how they are spoiling us with their generosity with just how awesome the rewards are and thank them for taking out that awful GPS and canteen because no one wants that for a milestone.


I’m fine with split war at least i’ll get 2 anniversary token from each war hehehe