Crw war rewards for feb 2-4


Can you please let us know as soon as possible what the rewards will be for the upcoming weekend? @kalishane


If it’s not on VK she won’t know either


She usually lets us know around Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon


Pretty sure it will be a copy and paste job of the last nugget prize war structure with wyatt. If so then it will be a absolute slaughterhouse everyone will coin so hard.


Not by me. They promised an ascendable so if they don’t deliver I’ll get to enjoy my weekend with the hubby lol


Is CRW even confirmed for this weekend?


The hell with that event it’s days away what info is up for the next two events
Yes please change this title and ask for information on the upcoming events for Monday


@kalishane any news on crw rewards?


Waiting for news on war rewards like anxious-300x225


Logically they will be nuggets just like the last war when one of these events was on


For crw that would be bad


@kalishane let’s go pls post rewards

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Since this is the infamous CRW, hopefully, it’ll be more than just Nuggets. I know everyone has been waiting for Scopely to follow through on the promise of an ascendable reward or at least much better rewards. Just gotta hope and pray lol


Unless they gave out enough for 1-6th to get the ascendable character plus gear. So like 15-20k for 1st and so on…


I’m alright with Nuggets as long as it’s a decent proportion of them and not the scraps of shit we’ve been getting from recent events.


The Twitter feed was touting Wood Nuggets as rewards for CRW yesterday but that’s not to say they won’t have something to accompany it.



Likely a few lilliths or some random t4 gear


Last 2 CRW were trainers, grab bags of the higher qty legendary items and tokens or crap non ascendable.

So it’s anyones guess. Nuggets were only regular war rewards but that also was just because of timing in between 2 week windows.

I will be sorely depressed if 1st is 12000 nuggets 3 legendary grab bags and 4 litliths…every passing crap war without something unique or actually something that provides real progression it just another weekend we all debate why…ascendables are the goal and after the release of 5 new leaks which come every 2 weeks now imo there is no excuse top 4-6 in CRW does not provide them yet.


Okay, but what I wanna know is why Vincent is rubbing all those wooden nuggets against himself. He got one of them fetishes?


I agree with you. We’re getting all these leaks for new 6 stars. There’s no reason to not have them as war rewards. Scopely clearly isn’t as low on 6 stars as they claim.