I’d love to see atleast 1 AOW a month, CRW seems to be really miss matched. If CRW would expand the pool of matchups it would he great. The problem with CRW is that you face the same factions over and over because people stop playing after the first day when they hey feel it’s no point fighting a battle they can’t win. Just my opinion.


i like war and winning prizes so any option is ok


I would like few more IF the rank break downs were more rewarding. Or just better tiered.
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
4th to 7th
8th to 11th
12th to 15th
16th to 20
21 to 25
25 to 35
36 to 50
51 to 75
76 to 100
War can be intense. An players try really hard to no reward. Top 25 isnt a joke for most crw. I feel bad for the othet players with poor rewards that dont reflect efforts


It is now AOW for the upcoming war


Now AOW and looks like a new event with a possible new wheel starts this weekend


Crw> aow


Tbh I don’t really care for war in general… it was fun for about 3 months after it’s launch and since then I would just snag a few milestones(or what my fav would require of me) and be done. War is just raiding with your 7 other people, and the teams never truly change and if they do it’s one new unit every few wars… same teams, it’s just that some characters get reskinned( same role different look) ex. Switching a hunter for revive rosita (I’m referring to the 5* days) or tt Jesus (season 3) for Monica or in these days leagues zeke for Erika.


No one is forcing people to war all weekend, I enjoyed my Friday and Saturday this last CRW and grinded out 400k on Sunday, if you don’t want to war all weekend no one is forcing you. CRW is much better, AOW should be replaced permanently by Random blitz wars throughout the month.


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