since, scope didn’t listen to the last time we voted, 90% against this, lets see who still prefers which…

  • AOW
  • CRW

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edit: the AOW Option is meant to alternate between CRW, the CRW option is meant to be as it is now with back to back crw


AOW is a good break to keep with the region and see how theyre doing. the rewards are less though

i like CRW but not everytime. at least throw us a blitz AOW once a week or so


I’ve gone with AOW

CRW should still remain its good to get out and fight new factions from other regions, but it should be the ‘peak’ of the game not rolled out every time


Whats the point of region transfer if u dont get to face the factions in your region? So i moved to q competitive region for more fun wars and i get to face other regions. Might as well move to a dead region if aow wont come back.


damn scopely, go and listen to your players base. you behave like a grumpy old person doing on purpose the oposite what everyone wants. get your act together!
@JB.Scopely comment on this!


I dont necessarily prefer one over the other
But…we need the variety back
Alternate between the two
Bring back blitz


CRW if prizes were revamped so there isn’t as big of a difference for those who finish lower than usual.


Love , love, love CRW!

AOW is just us fighting same 3-4 factions for 3 days. Makes no sense and so boring.

I think people big issue is the reward, but other them that I hope AOW is a thing of the past.


Crw is boring as hell. Yeah matchmaking is better but fighting low level factions 98% of the time is horrible for most. We need to end crw and go to league war (onslaught is not war btw)


For me biggest issue is burnout.


yup. ive lost almost 1/3rd of my faction to back to back crw because people need time to have a life


I can get behind that, league war is an awesome idea!


I have no choice but to vote for CRW being that another faction has decided to flee my region instead of staying to compete.


Exactly. Won crw for the first time but not looking forward for the next one. Its too soon. This is a game not a job


See this is why AOW can work for some regions but not all, so CRW is the only logical solution to the flux transfers has caused in regions. And league wars would be a solution too,


or dont be a douche to others in your region so they dont flee from playing with you?


increase the cross rewards for lower teirs these are factions that usually finish 4-10 in each region but bring back aow i wanna face some of the aholes in my region


The one thing that was working perfectly in the game. Why ruin it? Alternating aow and crw catered to everyone’s preferences imo. Losing a lot of good players due to burnout.


What exactly are you getting burnout of, war in general? So everyone burn out wants what a level up? You can choose not to war or take it easy


Factions need AOW for recruiting purposes.