CRW to end the season!

Lets face it, 6vs6 should be reserved for blitzes during the week when it truly is hard to fill a queue as people are usually working, and is less than two days. So whatever we just had was now an AOW. 6vs6 wastes resources. People canning with extra energy left over. Gg scopely. Moving on…
Now what a great way to show gratitude and thanks to your many dedicated players all in the holiday spirit by giving us a real war. CRW this weekend!! Please and thank you!! @JB.Scopely


This weekend when its thanksgiving? Thanks but no thanks.


You celebrate thanksgiving for four days only? I’m thankful every day =] scopely has done worse. Wars on New Years, mother’s day, Father’s Day, Easter…just to name a few. Least thanksgiving is a Thursday and not weekend.

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Also a no thanks from me. Rather spend my money on gifts sale shopping, and time with my family in town visiting than on my phone warring. :+1:


Yes please! That 6v6 AOW was pathetic weekend event. Bring on CRW! Before season ends!

I like it very much AOW and hope to see it more. Fast matchmaking with decent rewards and with saving a lot of my cans. I appreciate it. :wink:

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