CRW this weekend

There is only one event that 99% of the player base still plays for…Cross Region War.

Why shorten it? @kalishane already came out with a statement saying local wars would be sat-sun and CRW would be Friday to Sunday.

Now it shows another short war Friday to Saturday. Of course a long level up(why in God’s name do they think a lvl up longer than war is what anyone wants or needs?)

There is still time to change this. @kalishane please be our voice, we need someone to help us. We want a full Friday-Sunday war like the old days. Please do this for all the people who still love this game and just want to enjoy the only event worth playing for.



I believe this has already been answered. It’s because Sunday is Mother’s day. Since, like you said “CRW is 99% what player base still plays for,” now you gonna make them choose between their family or a game. I chose family, and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about war this Sunday. Wars take a lot more attention then any other tourney, this was the correct decision.


it was answered here

notice how it contradicts this post here

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How many times have they run War without a problem on a major holiday. If you’re making your milestones on Friday and Saturday then you can have all the time you want on Sunday. Using Mother’s Day as an excuse to drag out another level up event equates to a poor decision to in my opinion.


Yeah I was going to say, if you look hard enough there’s a post contradicting this Mother’s Day farce.

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I agree with you 110% wars should still be all weekend regardless of a major holiday or not. If your able to get milestones on Friday or Saturday then do it an spend the rest of the weekend with family and join wars only to help faction members reach their milestones


This is not a contradiction, she said “I think”. There is no difinitive statement, no promise and no guarantee.

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Thanks as always for your valuable input slacker


Just takes some one who can read, I’m always here to help.

If you are going to sit on your high horse, you might want to improve your grammar skills mate :+1:


I could care less about my reply, you. [quote=“Plagueis, post:10, topic:20290”]
you might want to improve your grammar skills mate :+1:

“Some one” refers to an unspecified member of a group of items or a person that is being selected for individual attention

Events have been shortened so people will buy cans in order to meet the final milestones

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You wouldn’t have to worry about the game…you could still sit out on Sunday…but what is having another day gonna do…do you spend all 24 hours of mother’s day with your family…well I don’t…and what about the UK players … It’s not even mother’s day there … This is simply a cop out so people have to burn and buy more war nrg


All wars should be Friday to Sunday … Period … It is what makes this game what it is …and the people who are saying thank goodness we don’t have to stress on mother’s day…no one is holding a gun to your head saying if there’s war you must play… It’s just obvious to us that scopely does not care about their player base…as stated above they’ve had major events on Christmas … Thanksgiving…New year’s …it doesnt make sense that we lose out on a Sunday bc it’s mother’s day… Thanks for screwing us again scopely…its reasons like this I’ve stopped putting money into the game…you’ve lost about 500$ a month from me for reasons like this


Mother’s Day is not an excuse to not have war…

We’ve had wars on many holidays in the past and even on the Super Bowl. A day whether you are with family or not you are distracted. I’m pretty sure we had war during Christmas/Easter/Labor Day whatever other holiday has overlapped with no mention of stopping war.

I love my mom but I also love war. I’ll send my mom a card and flowers and give her a loving call. But after the call is done I’d like to war.


Who even cares, itll be 20k tokens and starting out with 3 ulysses and 3 liliths trickling down 1 trainer per spot and top 20 will basically get the same prize +/- a trainer. What a great endgame event to put work in for…


I feel like it’s a poor decision, gives players less time to hit milestones and I guarantee you it will be a level up starting on that Sunday… mother’s day won’t last all day, so I see their prospective BUT I feel like war should still be all weekend for us fellas and gals that LOVE CRW


Mothers day? Racism, there are also a lot of countries that celebrate this on the 27th of may this year.

Wars are beginning to highlight the dead and dying regions, as well as decreased activity across the board. Shortening them is a weak attempt to force 10lbs of shit into a 5lb bag. I’m not going to be more excited about having less time to reach milestones, and war for lackluster prizes.


Not trying to attack anyone. No need to throw racism around. I am just trying to be proactive. If the masses want a normal war schedule(not asking for anything out of the ordinary) Scopely should be able to comply.

I’m not trying to play dumb and say making changes aren’t hard, but it’s also plenty of time to make that change.