Crw silly start time

@GR.Scopely any chance of this getting changed?

Same chance as FTP getting S Princess on Christmas


With enough glitter and imagination anyone can be a princess.


Different start times are a good thing due to different timezones. However if that is PST, which I assume it is, it is a terrible time for anyone that works on a Monday since PST is later than pretty much everywhere else.
Starting earlier, Friday 5pm for example, would benefit Asia and Australasia for once (this would be 9am Saturday in China), but starting later and finishing later is awful for almost everyone.


Start time is fine, there’s always complaints from non-North American people that they get forgotten. Once Scopely does make the change, there are complaints smh.

The finish doesn’t seem that great for most people, but I would question how many people are actually working on Monday?

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There’s alot of time being shaved off that total time from the previous 10 am Friday to 5 pm Sunday start time for starters.

Why wouldn’t people be working on Monday? It’s the 23rd. I would think more business would be closed on the Friday the 27th.

Times work for me.

Well, it’s 4 am for me tell me about it

I dunno, I hear it’s different in the US but it seems like people take the whole week off Christmas week. Business would be closed for 24 and 25, but it would be operating on a skeleton crew for the other days.

Completely depends on the business sector you’re in.

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I got this @GR.Scopely

I’ll take it to the team

For the time being the Start time for the upcoming war won’t be changed. That being said, I saw the feedback of players wanting to have the time changed so I have escalated the question to the team.

Added to the list of dumb stuff Scopely is doing atm

Why change it from normal, it’s so obvious people think this is a stupid move unless it’s being done intentionally :man_shrugging:t3:

So you mean after totally screwing up Blitz war you guys won’t even adjust CRW to what players want? Sad. Can you at least tell us one good reason why you’ve made war start so late into the weekend? Literally no one asked for that.

Angst isn’t directed at you but your ‘team.’ Your team really needs to figure out whether they are trying to end this game or if they want us to still enjoy what’s left.

No chance

They are never going to admit to the fact that they want to end the game, it would cause an immediate end to spending, so they will just keep dragging it out and pushing people away until enough people leave that they can justify shutting it down.

Its not just that we want it changed. This blitz shows that it needs to be changed.
Too many potential issues for a Saturday start when staff won’t be working.

Yeah I don’t expect them to admit what they are doing but there needs to be some accountability coming from them. The game has always had some bugs but these issues are getting way out of hand on 2019.

It would be ideal to change the start time to when people are actually working at Scopely, in case any issues arise they can be sorted out quickly.

Starting at 4:00 on a Saturday is just asking for trouble, especially with the joke war going on right now.