Crw scoring scoring system needs reworked

So for the third cross region war in a row we have encountered great difficulty with the scoring system… our faction pistols of hilltop has had very few factions repair against us. So despite more wins… less losses… more wars… superior winning percentage we simply cannot come in first even if we go undefeated…look at the relative score between us and abusement park in this picture for reference… I feel the solution is to increase the win bonus to 10k points to make winning and winning percentage the coin of the realm as it should be

Damn that looks familiar, back when in butts region we had a proper competitive faction ,shame most of our top players have retired since then.

It’s worth noting that this crw war result was when there were major problems with matchmaking and we would sit in queues for half an hour while they instantly matched, but yeh there should be a larger win bonus in my opinion , it would still reward the factions who coordinate effectively but encourage top factions to fight for the win instead of being happy just to roll over against tough oposition and focus on weak factions. Winning CRW should be where you have the best activity and temas not just your able to kill the weaker factions

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We are still waiting on a fair match up for CRW as a region ,we have finished dead last in every war its nice to be able to finish 7/8 this time but would appreciate iit if we could be matched fairly at some point .
Ever since our first war against barrow where they had 3 undefeated factions , it has simply been an exercise in patience and just shows how weak our region actually is

Maybe instead of ranking at the start game should add scores at the end based on wins/loses or something Just a thought for extra bonus

Well when my faction goes to war with a stronger faction, and they start killing us off in a matter of a few hits. I instruct fellow faction members NOT to repair because I’m not in the habit of letting stronger players farm us for more points. We don’t get anything out of being farmed and we ain’t going to just let others reach their milestones nor help them come in 1st place by repairing and letting them farm us for points.


Personally I think war format should be changed to 6v6 and 4v4, with the person who declares war choosing which format to fight, where 6v6 cannot be matched up with 4v4. Also 6v6 should be 60 minutes and 4v4 should be the 30 minute blitz wars. War refill drops should be increased as well, I mean even on a 30 minute 6v6 blitz war it STILL takes 10 minutes to get just 1 war energy. And it STILL takes 10 minutes to repair.