CRW - Same regions?


Hey…do you have also the same region/regions like last time? The third had changed, but the other one is the same…boring…


Yeah in Chilton we have faced both Chambers and Albert previously


Yes we have the same regions but I thought it was because we are FR. Perhaps not then.


We have Coosa again and the other is one we didn’t have last time, butler


No banks got Ben Hill and Lanier which are different from last.


We are facing Hall again. Third Region is new.


We got the same ones


This is copley. Regions will be matched on their ability to generate profit, NOT for the enjoyment of players. Once they dial in those magic matchups that really rake in the , you can expect to get that matchup often.


Fine Scop…this war is so stupid…


same here. 1 new ( a very new french server, top faction 300k), 1 we had already last war (japanese, 4th faction 1,3mil)


there are rumors that we will face our “beloved” japanese server again. this would be the fourth time out of four crws…


Die Prestige 13 Teams mit 100% perfekten waffen nice.


jedes mal wieder schön


Last war we face the same regions again
Hancok (tr)
Towns (tr)
Colquitt (tr)
Emanuel (pt)
Fannin (pt)
we expect different regions this time


@Wanderer I look forward to our bout this time, my idea of a perfect team & weapons to boot are ready :slight_smile:


Quitman says good luck in war this weekend regions


How could they know it


Looking forward to it red. Packing a whole new line up. Ready and willing.


Ho ho ho, I’m excited :smiley:


@Wanderer what region do you play? i want to face you lol.