CRW rewards VK VK VK


Rewards are avaible at VK website. This cant be real! cant beleive this is actually CRW rewards??? This is weak AF for a standard war and you expect us to fight for this BS? against other region??? VK released the start time also go check it out. VK never lied you can trust VK. wink wink.


Increase the number of 5* tokens, bags should be PK AND DT, not PK OR DT. Watch? Radio? T4 gear???


Yes they are weak, 500 more 5* tokens for 1st place compared to the regular single region war 2 weeks ago. Almost made me think they changed it from CRW to single region for tomorrow.

Which by the way was presented as a last minute screwup that had to scramble to throw up there, and was apologized for.

Now you have CRW, a MUCH more competitive event, and the prizes are just about the same as that pitiful last minute screwup ‘hotfix’. Glad to see they used the 2 weeks so well.

On the plus side, I wonder what new 6* acendable premiere will debut tomorrow??? SO excite!!!



is just sad this awful rewards not just for the top factions, also for the lower factions that are getting complete trash I really hope that the region I’ll fight won’t coin, it will be extremely dumb coin for those trash rewards #spendingstrikeonregionwars #awfulrewars #gameisdead #quittingafterCRW


NEGAN 6* next promo $$$


Starts at 05:00 am Moscow time


Thanks buddy


What about those 2 items???