CRW rewards unacceptable


The 18 hour CRW has 50,000 for highest milestone. The 23 hour blitz war we just had had 20,000.

Also, no canteens or gps as rewards anywhere - CRW is usually where we have come to expect these for the top 25 factions.

@JB.Scopely this is really not a good reward structure.


I wish rewards were better but 50k for milestones isn’t bad. Not everyone should automatically get all milestone rewards.


But not everyone should have to fight all the time to get that high of a milestone with this low amount of time.


But 10k for the first 4 milestones is quite easy to get. I agree with the previous post that not everyone should always hit the top milestone but I also agree given the 19 hours, 50k is quite difficult. I’m at 38k and I’ve been warring the whole time. I know most on my faction won’t come close


I played for 2 hours and got 50k. It’s not hard with CRW. You get matched constantly


No you don’t.


The rewards truly stink. On top of that once again we got these stupid op towers that basically decide who is going to win the battle and stop with the 2 energy to attack the tower. Are you serious?

What the hell has happened to this game? Please fix it. ASAP.


Did everyone miss it’s a two part event?

As in two seperate crw blitz wars…?

Or is it just better to pile on Scopely?

Fucking read the calendar.


People need to stop making excuses and let them off the hook. This “war” is 19 hours and they are expecting you to get to half the milestones of a regular crw that is well over two days. I mean simple math. The whole not everyone is supposed to reach milestones have never been applicable in war. This is their premium event.


Not everyone does.


Im at 30k after playing 3 hours and missing a couple wars. It’s only fair to the active players that there are incentives for them to continue to war.

I’m pretty active but there are many that always outscore me. There should be milestones for those people at 100k, and heck maybe even 150k for those robots that don’t sleep.

There is another phone game where I can only get halfway up the milestone list each event. I dont complain, I just try to score as much as I can.


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