Crw rewards, disappointing yet again

the crw rewards are carbon copy of blitz few days ago. Without any new cards included.

Can we please have new cards included? Davie and Tiffany are not doing anything.

Also, whatever happen to removing the crap scard crate from the wheel?

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

Can we please get more than a silence?


War rewards have been crap for some time now. It’s always copy and paste and they give no real incentive to play especially with what they have done to the brackets.

War requires far too much of a time commitment for what they are willing to give in return. A pitiful amount of s-class cards, some gear, and a tiny amount of near-useless war tokens for an equally pitiful war wheel is not what I consider a reward.

Smart move is to forget about it and do something else with your weekend instead.


thats what its coming down to. this game is becoming a chore and with no real return.

once a great crw with rewards i used to look forward to is now just trash rewards worse than level ups(even level ups these past few weeks been crap). CRW should always have something fresh for the players to look forward to, esp since its once every other week.

Sad how they are too lazy to adjust some pixels in the game.


Why i haven’t played in several weeks.


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