So, I’ve noticed that this stash lasts for 95 days.

I don’t mind the stash behind added into milestones, but I really hope they are not going to be made as part of the main rewards for CRW, I really really really hope that is not the case @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely.

Please reassure me and tell us that they won’t be, pretty pleaseeeeeeeees :hushed:


That means there going to bring this event back Noooooooo


Can’t be too much longer. Feels like it’s been at least 10 days so far, right?


Seriously scrap this trash and give us something worth playing by tomorrow night


I’m getting 0 toons in the end so doesn’t matter to me scopely not for the little guys like my faction. Stash to short and tokens to short like I said before on here should be a permanent war token wheel that just gets updated every couple of months

This is literally the 1st global Walker Hordes event. Calm down.


How is 95 days short?!?!

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This thread was about not having Walker stash tokens as main prizes for CRW

And hopefully, it makes no money so it’s will be the last.

I would so much rather be playing a blitz or war right about now.


Or onslaught


Yes I would take onslaught and it’s 56 bronze medals over this because at least it’s pace is so much faster. Hordez is like watching paint dry and then waiting even longer to find someones def w/ 5-stars because it’s impossible to take out most 6-star teams due to a severe lack of any kind of balance.

No one after 11 tries has even killed off one of my toons.


Oil paint in sub zero temps…

30% more will look like a lot more tokens now!!! Still won’t get you anywhere.

If it makes no money they aren’t going to make it the last. If anything they’ll improve it. Maybe make it like Onslaught where it barely happens but it’s still there. This is the best tournament I have played on this game imo. War is stale, raids are stale, level ups are stale, etc. This will end up stale as well, though again it only just started. Plenty of improvement can be made. Only problem I have with the event is the rewards and lack of refills situations. Give more rewards to more people and then they’ll start spending.

Onslaught dropped mods and league tokens. Idk why everyone cried about it. Was something easy to pass time, didnt require a certain amount to que or have to wait to get in que, and it gave league trophies.
On topic I dont mind stash for war it’s more the amount that was given and the short length of time to claim. For some reason tho they refused to extent the stash yet bring a garbage wheel that lasted for 2 crw.


I’m talking for war

Btw telling scopley crw “BEST NOT” anything isnt gonna make it so. Idk why people thinking demanding things like this even gets anyone that works here to even open the thread😂

Stash rewards are fine and actually better; it’s the stash’s duration that makes it less appealing that wheels currently.

I’m still waiting for them to bring back war toons… soon TM

You know everything will be this stash rewards 90 days wasted coming up