CRW Rewards and Tower Info

Anyone know the CRW towers and such?

It is only 6:30am in LA where the main office is. JB wont have this information for another 3 to 4 hours

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still no match ups?

@JB.Scopely any news about towers, rewards and matchups?



Was my post not in English?


2 community managers and still no info until a few hours before an event … #yourfired

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How are they supposed to get you the information when they have not been told what it is and the office to get it from isn’t even open?

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1000 dumb ass remarks from forum troll wannabes…thats right our 2 cm’s are at fault for not relaying because they themselves run Scopely single handedly.

You can’t really believe that they have no info on upcoming events days or even weeks ahead. Of time. Can you ?

How am I supposed to know? If they do have it, what would be the benefit to holding it so long?

Also ask yourself this, what if they posted it last week or 2 days ago, but some bugs in Beta or something else causes them to have to make modifications, how pissed would you be? exactly

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:man_shrugging: I will say one thing @kalishane was much better at keeping us up on what was upcoming. Way more transparent then these new guys have ever been I do miss her for that

I do not think they do and if they did, they previously said they do not want to release until closer to war time, otherwise factions flee to other regions because of matchups. They don’t have to tell us anything beforehand so maybe we should have some patience?



I remember when we never got matchups ever & tower info…crap, I remember when war was a guessing game at what time it would start & on what day…

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She also changed what was posted constantly, so not really any better

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If Vk doesn’t have it then scopely doesn’t have it :joy::joy:


vk posts everything before jb does … sad isn’t it

Don’t troll me bud you don’t want this wrath