CRW: Rewards and Structure

For most people, war is the only reason that gives us a reason to really spend hours playing. I am not saying other aspects of the game aren’t fun, but you cannot compare war, especially CRW to any event or tournament. If you are in the top faction in your region, AOW is not that fun as in most cases the same faction will always win. This is why CRW is perfect. It gives us a chance to see how we shape against other factions in other regions. The only issue is, rewards. Honestly, if it wasn’t for trying to finish top 6 for the canteen/gps and some bragging rights, there is no reason to want to fight for 5* tokens.

This is why I think you guys need to introduce a 5* ascendable wheel, with some 6*s in there. Throw in a couple PTP toons that aren’t used as much, such as yellow Michonne, Rosita, Viktor, Sandy, Richard, Blue Zeke, Jesus, and so on. These are toons that might not be used by many, but if ftp players get their hands on them it will change up teams rather than the same ranged/melee teams each and every war. It will add some fun into raiding too as we won’t have to face the same teams over and over again.

Prizes for CRW could be

1st Box w/ canteen and gps, Box w/ new ascendable + 300 legend tokens
2nd Box w/ canteen and gps, Box w/ new ascendable + 150 legend tokens
3rd Box w/ canteen and gps, Box w/ new ascendable + 100 legend tokens
4-6 Box w/ canteen and gps, Box w/ new ascendable + 50 legend tokens
7-10 Box w/ canteen OR gps, Box w/ 500 legend tokens
11-25 Box w/ canteen OR gps, Box w/ 300 legend tokens
26-50 Box w/ Military Watch and Hand Crank, Box w/ 100 legend tokens, 5k 5* recruit tokens

Milestones are decent at the moment, you could possibly add a new 200k tier and make that a GPS or Canteen and 100 legend tokens.

1000 legend tokens could be the equivalent of a pull in the new legend wheel.

This will induce spending, especially during wars, I would want to try reach 200k while also making sure that my faction is competing for top rewards. It will make certain aspects of the game interesting again and allow FTP players to expand their rosters.

Please let me know what you guys think.


I think, that if these were the rewards, I would still be playing … HAPPILY, too.

Not only that, but I would still be spending; on coins for war, on the recent Blue Michonne promo FOR SURE, and maybe a couple of other toons that I had ignored in my last couple months of being active.

That’s what I think. What a pity, Scopely doesn’t like to take feedback from the community though.

Good plan if you want endless consolidation in regions as it puts 2nd place factions into complete trash range.

If it’s a F2P acquirable legacy it’s OK to provide convenience. But otherwise does more harm than good.

25-50 is such crap #4 rank factions wouldn’t even care.

its good for a s3 team like mine also you can always go for the top

The previous system killed the game less slowly than current design. But such is life everyone cries they didn’t get a trophy so we just Make it so no one really wins anything.

Doesn’t have to be so steep those players within 3 months can’t scratch players who only collected war toons.

I think the previous version of rewards in wars just before 6* came out and the current state of milestones would do wonders for the pulse of the game.

Obviously can’t give blue michonnes, but plenty mediocre toons are released all the time that would be useful to people but not make them God unless fully supported by promos weapons and now the dreaded mods, which in that case you deserve to be strong.

Otherwise you get what we have now a failing system of communism that provides basically negligible rewards to winners over everyone else. We literally compete in events for 1 of 3 things - Gear, TOKENS, and trainers…whooppppdeeedooo

Yes mediocre but that was not always the case now was it.

If you can’t grind to keep up just because of war reward power creep there is a problem. More grinding (serious grinding) opportunities and availability would greatly balance what was not a balanced system.

The issue isn’t what your personal faction ranking is, but how many regions we are facing. If it was only 4 regions then the structure I mentioned would be better. I understand if there are 8 regions you’ll need to change things based on that.

That’s why games like Star Wars GOH is so strong, because FTP grinding also brings rewards, yes by winning events and paying you receive a temporary advantage - one that can be pretty huge - but grinding it out is a viable option for progress. That isn’t the case here and Someone in a top faction who scores 150,000 points in a war has done exactly the same amount of work as someone in a very war active lower ranking faction that gets the same amount of points, they just happened to either be in the right place at he right time or friends with the right people. By linking rewards to milestones you promote upward mobility and competition at the top, which freshens things for everyone unless the real goal is “we want more opponents with teams of 4* we can beat up on”.

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Feels like more players have quit in the past 6-12 months than at any other point in the game. Would you guys agree?

So what that tells me is that the first 2 years of RTS had plenty of good things. The biggest complaints that I remember were a lack of events, and eventually, not enough quality rewards for the factions that didn’t finish first overall in war. Consider, during the first 2 years, all we really had were level and raid tournaments, and regular war.

In the past 6-12 months (maybe slightly longer), Scopely has added Territories, Cross-Region War (which was something we had begged for!), Faction Assault, Survival Road Tournaments, and quite a few museum events.

So if they have added a ton of quality events in the past year alone, Then the main issue seems to be subpar rewards. Of course, dying regions is also a huge contributor to things being awful nowadays … but I kinda get the feeling that if the rewards were more satisfactory over the last 12 months, the regions would be healthier as a byproduct.

What do you guys think?

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I generally feel milestones are a better means than pure placement rewards as it has equivalent opportunity for all players. Don’t want to join top factions but want to play hard and keep the region active. Great. You get a growth path.
Dont want to try hard, fine fall behind.

Placement should be supllimental improvements on top of rewards that encourage activity. Doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile and scaled, but being the sole path for growth is a bad game design.

The bgliggest exodus’s was war down time (our biggest whales left), release of 6s (many medium spenders and highly active players left) and the past few months because it’s not fun to just collect rewards whether they are good or bad.

Competition is what drives game play, assuming the game play is fun. That’s why we are still willing to coin and fight for placement even when rewards are trash.

I agree that milestones should have great rewards to give people a reason to War, but I also think that for competition, it would be beneficial to have decent structure in placement rewards as that gives the whole faction a reason to try. I see even in my current faction, many people will score 100k then slow down, very few go on to score 200k + and so they should either add milestones that give people a reason to continue going, like a 200k milestone or work on their reward structure to motivate team play instead of individual play.

That first CRW was a classic Bait-And-Switch. Enormously hyped event that we had waited a very long time for, and the first one had an Ascendable Command Siddiq.

Scopely sucked us in, and has failed to come close to those expectations ever since.

Indeed. Certainly would make shit more interesting and less in with the crowd or left in the trash.

Too bad they only ever cared about extracting money fastest way possible. So much opportunity here to deliver an amazing game and we get this bs.

I agree.

Milestones should give great path for individual growth.

Placement should provide the gear or tools necessary to take those milestone rewards and fully show off their capability.

Placement should not be the only path to growth. Look how trashy it is if you aren’t top 6 in events with legendary medals. It’s such a trickle it’s why players in this range rarely break out and hit a new level of performance.

No difference in top group and top 10 for most events. Its one of the main reasons the game has come to a screeching halt. You can provide better prizes for top groups giving a reason to invest in the game via time(grind) and money. Without shitting on the rest of the playerbase just trickle it down.

But hard to deny that unique toons and prizes in events were the lifeblood of the game for a long time and it worked better than this…promos still ruled the day and most war prizes simply supported them except for the handful of actual promo quality ones. It also didn’t matter as much when solos offered up promos to players waiting for that one they really needed as well.

I’m just advocating against the placement or trash structure that if you werent in top 3 you basically got trash and if you wanted to catch up you had to spend even if you were a 300k+ performer in your faction. 3rd was only manageable as a means to collect toons to save for a solo level run.

I’ve been in a top 15 back in Troup when war was released and as a 200k scorer got basically 1 5s per 6 month. Top 3, 2 and 1 in Morgan, but I don’t enjoy sitting on top collecting.

I play to compete and want to fight a greater force because overcoming it is what is rewarding to me. Thats the type of competitive attitude that should be rewarded, not just continue to push players to consolidation because the only worthwhile prize is 1st. It only further divides the players base and forces a spend or be left way way way behind with little chance of catching up.

I agree milestones need to offer prizes for hard workers as well and be somewhat comparable in progression to winning certain events. Like war milestones could all easily be doubled etc. to offset the increased value .

Both can be done easily with the avenues they have in the game just needs to be implemented properly.

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